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No one can deny that woman motif accompanies humanity for ages. It always was and probably alway will be present in art, literature and social discussions. But not only that. Women are actually real human beings, but some of cultures seem to forget about that.


No one can deny that woman motif accompanies humanity for ages. It always was and probably alway will be present in art, literature and social discussions. But not only that. Women are actually real human beings, but some of cultures seem to forget about that.

In Judaism, every person, in accordance with the Torah, is determined by another role in life.Man should accept the reality that God created according to his will. This principle, like many others in religion, there is no transformation of socio - cultural. Nevertheless, the role of women in the last centuries has taken on a new dimension in the world of Judaism. And at least in part of this world.
The birth of a girl accompanied by a ceremony in Judaism Simchat Bat, a symbolic greeting and a covenant with God. Your little girl is given in the prayer on the first Shabbat after the birth.Jewish girl becomes a woman aged 12 - 13 years. Solemn celebration of the Bat mitzvah, which begins a period of personal responsibility (now) women of their actions for compliance with the law and religious principles. The girls from an early age they learn all the principles of household management in accordance with the provisions of the Talmud and the ritual purity of food items.They learn about the traditions, rituals, rules and prohibitions on their daily lives. Since women are not required to explore theological knowledge, and once even had an obligation to go to a religious Jewish school, and to participate in services, as opposed to boys. This does not mean that it did not. History knows many women scribes.

Women have received from God the other tasks than men. They have to fill in the Jewish community a different role. Their roles in the life of Torah states according to the nature of women's nature. The main task is to build women and maintaining a positive atmosphere at home, guarding its proper and healthy functioning and proper education of children. It shapes the character of a woman and a picture of the family, and ensure observance of tradition. Should strive to zaszczepiać faith and religion, not only among relatives, even when a man weakened in faith and subjected to its weaknesses. For a woman to fully perform their duties in a man should help her by providing the right conditions.
During the wedding ceremony the bride is presented ketuba, or marriage contract. In this document are saved her husband's duties towards his wife. He undertakes to provide his wife with food, clothing, finances and meet its other needs, including sexual abuse. This document is intended as a safeguard for women's rights and ensure its sense of security.
If a woman wants to re-enter into marriage is such a possibility. May do so only after 90 days from the time when her husband throws her hands in a get, or divorce document, written personally by him or his agent in the presence of a witness.
A woman has many religious duties. For example, lights Sabbath candles and refuses blessing before the meal. Must pray at least once a day, or the canonical texts of spontaneous prayer.
Historically, the status of women in Judaism was very low. It was not worthy of a covenant with God, because it was considered as a source of impurity. Any midwives was "unclean" for 7 days after the birth of a son, and 14 days after the birth of her daughter. Could come to the temple only after 40 days after birth a son, and after 1980 - after the birth of her daughter. After these days of purification mother had to offer in the temple of a young pigeon or turtledove (sin offering) and one lamb (burnt offering). She could not read the Torah publicly in the synagogue and did not have to take a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. She could not stay longer with a strange man, nor talk to him. She had equal rights to children and slaves. After entering into marriage became the property of her husband, and after his death, had no right to inheritance. Men were free to move away from their wives in certain situations. Showing the so-called bill of divorce, the man could leave, or even expelled from his home wife (unfaithful), not worrying about its future.
Most of the principles of Judaism has survived in nearly or completely changed shape until modern times. A clear change in this regard took place only in the eighteenth century with the modern women's emancipation and the birth of the so-called. Jewish Enlightenment movement.Further moves towards equality in society for men and women occurred in many varieties of modern Judaism, of course, outside of orthodox Judaism, which still adheres to all the old Talmudic law, including provisions relating to women. The Orthodox church, men and women sit separately. Contacts between men and women governed Halacha. It prohibits two people stayed on the opposite sex in a closed room. This is allowed only in case of husband and wife, parent and child and adult with a girl for 3 years, or are a boy of nine years of age. The most radical and orthodox followers of Judaism are Hasidim. Chasydkom not even allowed to read newspapers, or use other media. They live in a reality created by men. They have a very limited career opportunities. They can work, inter alia, as a kindergarten teacher, teachers, dressmakers, and shop vendors. The training is almost the exclusive privilege of men. I wrote the law, because they are determined by the Jewess Chassids Lilit term, which means liberal and ambitious woman who can not devote himself to the family.
At the turn of the century in many Jewish circles moral reform was introduced. Leniency has, for example, the principles of proper appearance. Women began to wear fashionable clothes, and some have abandoned the wearing of wigs and other head coverings. Previously, women could not show their hair to anyone except her husband. Have access to education and develop their interests. In Reform synagogues and women have equal status with the opposite sex. They do not have to sit away from the men in the church services, holders of honorary presidents honorable functions synagogues, and even allowed them to feature rabbi.


The presence of women in Christianity has always been visible. In the Bible you can find many parables and history, with the participation of women. Were frequently present at Christ. In the gospel according to Luke. Matthew says Joseph took the body, wrapped it in a clean linen cloth, and in his own new tomb which he had hewn in the rock. Before entering the tomb rolled a great stone and walked away. Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were there, sitting opposite the tomb. (Mt 27, 59 -61) also applies to women as the first early morning went to the tomb of Jesus.
Model the role of women in this religion is of course the mother of Jesus - Mary. Her humility, trust in God, hard work and cleanliness should be the benchmark for every Christian. Pope John Paul II in his Letter to Women wrote: fullest expression of "feminine genius," the Church sees in Mary and find in it a source of constant inspiration. Mary called herself the handmaid of the Lord. Through obedience to the Word of God adopted a privileged vocation - not easy - wife and mother of the family of Nazareth. By serving God also gave people at the service: the service of love.
Maria is not the only important figure in Christianity. Over 2,000 years of its history the church beatified and canonized a lot of women from different ages and nationalities. These include not only religious, martyrs reflecting life in defense of religion, but also the mother sacrificing love for their children.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is recorded that a man and a woman have the same dignity, were created in God's image, were "the image of God." In his "being a man" and "being a woman", they reflect the wisdom and goodness of the Creator. (...) "Perfection" of man and woman reflect something of the infinite perfection of God: the mother of excellence and perfection father and husband. Both the woman and a man worthy of respect. Although there are differences between physical and psychological beings are complementary. With these characteristics show The role of women in social life and family. The primary mission of women, resulting from its nature, is motherhood. The family should be the main place of activity, since it carries with it particular, compelling value. Activities pozarodzinne women remain in the shadow of the essential role of wife and mother. A woman should have the right of free choice, the state of life, equal access to education and training. They can work in all areas of life, preferably in accordance with their talents. They can perform all the functions and hold a variety, including primates, position.
Women can study theology, but in the Catholic Church are not admitted to the priesthood. Of course, I mean the ministerial priesthood, as required to fulfill the responsibility of the royal priesthood of all members of the Church. John Paul II issued a ruling on this issue in his apostolic letter Ordinatio sacerdotalis, in which he stated that the church does not have such a power to give ordination to women.
Adam Szostkiewicz written in his article said that women in early Christian communities could play a range of important functions. Particular concern surrounded the widow. In the twelfth and thirteenth century, a rapidly growing female monasteries give learning opportunities to many women.
Father Maciej Zieba says that women in the Middle Ages had an impact on both the ecclesial life and politics. They could devote themselves to various works. They were both in koronczarstwie, baking, księgarstwie and blacksmithing, złotnictwie, locksmithery or brewing.Do not have to take her husband's surname after marriage, and continue its disposal of their assets. According to her father M. Zięby role and importance of women in society decreased with the development of secular law.
But we can not fail to mention the heinous deeds of the church over women, when the dust burned at the stake as witches.
A. Szostkiewicz in the aforementioned article claims that in the history of the Church are two intertwined strands of view, the position of women in society. One source was a kind of hostility towards women, the second derives from the belief in fair treatment of all people regardless of gender.
The desire for self-control representatives of the opposite sex, primary disorder of harmony and unity between women and men, results from the human tendency to sin, which in turn is a consequence of original sin.


The role of women in Islam, Allah described. He gave her a different nature than man, which specifies its place in society. It may take on different roles, but among the most important are mentioned: the role of mother, wife, daughter, sister, grandmother, niece, niece, and premiums.Each of these social roles in Islam is associated with very defined principles.
Women are encouraged in Islam to marry after they become physically mature. Between spouses is to be concluded nikah, or marriage contract that contains 6 to the conditions that the marriage was recognized and enforceable. In one of them mentions that a woman entering into marriage may not be in time iddah, that is, the waiting period. It must of course be unmarried.
Although a Muslim can marry a Jew or a Christian (if chaste and unmarried) is a Muslim can marry only a believer of Islam. Islam prohibits the abuse of women and allow them to demand a divorce.
Joining in the marriage team generates specific roles and responsibilities of women. It becomes primarily responsible for the family and its moral foundation and the atmosphere at home. She has taken various decisions in the home environment and is responsible for their consequences.It has also ensure proper education of the younger generation. In shaping the children's religious education is essential. Islam assigns women in this field an important position, since it is the first woman to host a man of Islam, a woman was the first martyr dying for the sake of this faith.A woman has to uphold the morality of his family. Maybe even give a man advice, oppose any shortcomings of the principles of religion, corruption, forgery, lies. The main goal of these treatments is to build strong and healthy society.

For ladies can effectively carry out their vocation should first receive a good education. They learn primarily medicine, nursing, tailoring, embroidery. Can attend mosques for prayers, lectures and various activities. In addition to the study may also take such a job as a social worker or teacher, if it does not affect adversely affect their household duties. Often it is necessary for economic reasons the family. Although the maintenance of women and the house is primarily a man. He has to protect her and care about her welfare.
Since women, like the man expected to be interest in social life and participation in the political life of the country. Some even mention the religious obligation, for belonging to the Islamist party to power in the resurgence of religious principles.
Even if a woman wants to engage in work or politics, is not eligible for the senior positions, including where to direct itself seemed would take decisions or judgments. It can serve as a juror and the court or be a member of the advisory body to the Caliph. For known exceptions include Pakistanka Benazir Bhutto and Iranian Szirin Ebadi.
Benazir Bhutto, she studied political science and history at Harvard and Oxford. In 1982 he was president of the Pakistan Peoples Party, in 1988 and 1993 to 1996 she served as Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
However, Szirin Ebadi was among the first women in Iran as a judge. The whole world may know her as she received the Nobel Peace Prize for championing human rights, especially women and children, and contribute to the democratization of Iran.
Muslim women have a lot of bans on the private sphere and the public to be observed.
They must not reside with niespokrewnionym man in solitary confinement. This is only possible in very specific situations and only in the company of mahr, or a relative, he can not marry. For these exceptional circumstances include: saving lives, healing, learning Islam, wedding ceremony, meal, law enforcement and emergency aid, such as accident or disaster.
In public life, a woman can come into contact with men niespokrewnionymi, also only in the company of mahr in the street, in the mosque, service shops, institutions, hospital, classroom, etc.
In all these situations and places contacts between men and women must be kept to a minimum. Women should be as far away, separated from the representatives of the opposite sex. Valid them modest behavior, lowering the eyes during a conversation.
Has certain restrictions on travel. She must not depart alone more than 24 hours away. It is related to its security.
It is also a number of indications concerning the dress code. There are two areas that must be obscured in the presence of other people. Ghalida Aura, is the area between the chest and knee, and Aura Chafifa - the whole body except face and hands. They can also use perfume.
Muslims claim that in Islam there is no problem of equality of men and women, it is rather a problem of Western cultures. Do not agree with the charges, allegedly mistreated women.Sacred Law prohibits Szari'atu violence against women, but this does not mean that the law is not abused or over-interpreted. That has happened in the case of governments mudżachedinów and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. In 1993, Iran accused the United Nations (...) women receive citizenship. In 1993, Iran strengthened, inter alia, provisions for clothing. Women must wear czarczaf under penalty of flogging. On the 41st International film festival in the Spanish city of San Sebastian, the first prize, the Golden Shell, received an Iranian film "Sarah", talking about the brutal discrimination against women in Islamic religious state. The film "Sarah" could not be shown in Iran.
Today, the role of women worldwide is increasing. Are present in different institutions and organizations. Willing and able to take care of their place in society. But the reality is not free of examples of violations of human rights, including women. I believe that no great religion urges to harm people. This is done because of the human individual choices.
I believe that despite the different rules and habits proper to each culture or religion, a woman has, like the man, his role. Assessment, which is larger and more significant will always be subjective. Each is different and needed. Only their sum forms a complementary picture of the world and mankind, so let every man fulfills its mission as best they can, in accordance with their conscience, religion, worldview, respecting themselves and others.


  1. For me woman is a normal human - just like man :P (and that not only because I'm a woman, men are on a par with them for me :P) I'm not a radical feminist but each person is for me equally valuable. It's horrible that in some cultures women are treated as they weren't even humans... Shocking and dreadful customs or habits show that not each culture is civilized. We definitely should do something with that but the problem is that we often can't intervene...

  2. Position of a woman is determined by politics, religion and culture. Some of factors mentioned are and should be chosen and changed, by a women who is in inconvenient or even life threatening situation. Taking woman's destiny in her own hands is often impossible though. In this cases the human rights (and I hope that we all agree that woman is a human:P) are being broken and some international organization should take strong position and intervene. It can save lives and make world a little bit more fair place.

  3. As Ania shows, value of women is a matter of religious principles. In fact it is hard to abolish it, the more so when the religion is strict in general. Sometimes it looks like an ideology sanctioned under the cover of religion. We know that even when well-known international organizations take strong position and intervene, it sometimes gives only side effects.

  4. I agree with Monika. I'm not a radical feminist, too, but I can't understand why there are some places where women are treated like "worse" type of human. It's not natural. It must be changed.

  5. I'm a man, but I agree that women have the same value as men (if we can mesure a value in this matter). I think that nowdays religions or cultures in general try to respect that. Of course some cultures may seem to us as discriminating women but it's not always the truth (just read the text on page 46 in our handouts about risising children in Pakistan).

  6. The sadest thing is that sometimes women don't see their value. We want to be thiner, more intelligent, succesful such as men. In my opinion fact that we were born as a men or women has an influance on every part of our life. People shouldn't ignore their sexual identity and try to be someone else.

  7. For me all people are equal despite their sex. I don't even understand the sentence "for me women are human". Who else would they be?
    Although as we know life isn't so fair for everyone. It is really terrifying that in some cultures that case is seen differently and women are restrainted at all levels of their life. But it's hundreads years of weird tradicion and it can't be changed in one day. Luckily as we see by the centuries it's becoming better.
    What is really sad is that in liberal and democratic societies are still men who discriminate women.
    At the end: did you know that in Kuwait women can vote only since 2005?

  8. I think that woman are regarded as the worse..dumber, gullible, naive and weak. Mayby in past it was becouse women were raised in the companion of man. But now it's different. We are strong and smart and and we can fight for their.

  9. Each of this religion based on Bible. And in the Bible says the man and the woman are people. So they have the same status, but different role. And the roles are caused by culture. So it's individual for each religion and it's made by men, because they are stronger and they should take care the women. But everything created by people aren't ideal. So next centuries deformate the first intention.
    But now I see good trend - women start to say about their value and their rights. However - they should remember to not overdo.

  10. In all cultures women should have the same status like man because they also are peoples and have a right to happiness and do what they want. Unfortunately still in some cultures womans' life consist on 'play' their strict defined roles, sometimes even without any free will. However nowadays woman are stronger than in the past and they know how to show their possibilities.

  11. It’s hard not to agree with the opinion that women all over the world should have the same rights as man. However, we have to be very careful when we talk about the role of women in different cultures. There is many stereotypes especially about eastern countries, sometimes we repeat it unintentionally . That ‘s why it’s really important to remember that they have their own, specific culture. If we intend to help them with good intention, but we are looking only from western point on view, effect could be harmful. Feminism doesn’t mean the same in different cultures.

  12. I also agree that it is not natural situation when women are treated like “not human”. I understand that status of women in society depends on the culture, politics and low.But for me each person is equal, because we was born like human. It scares me when I read about women who are treated as things.

  13. I agree. Women should be treated equally with men. I understand that there exist countries where religious position of woman is so important, but there shouldn't be such situation where women are beated or treated really wrong. I think that civilization should assure equal rights for both gender.

  14. It's hard to deny yours opinions about equal rights for man and woman. I know that we should respect other cultures and traditions, however I'm very glad that I was born in a catholic family in Poland and not in a Muslim country ;> Memoirs of women of Occident who have been captured by their Muslim husbands are really nightmarish.
    I agree with Asia that a trend to saying about value and rights of women is prominent nowadays, in better or worse way, but still. I think today's woman is in a difficult situation- her emancipation has not finished yet, we've had already two extremes attitudes (mistreating of woman and the "abusive" emancipation) and now is the time to definy the right place of woman. But we have to keep the role of man in this procedure in mind...

  15. People should be equal despite sex!

    But unfortunately till now,there are differences between men and women..

    It's shown in normal life.Women's rights are often broken...

    Position of women can be different.It depends on religion,law,culture..

    The situation of woman is much worse in traditional culture than in modern society.

    Now,that changes but woman is still worse treated than man.
    Still we meet with stereotypes that woman should be a good mother,wife and that man should earn money and doesn't care about home,children,etc..

    I don't agree with this opinion and I'm sure that women are so smart,intelligent as men...and they can do in life what they want.

  16. In Poland position women in society is good in comparsion with women in east countries. Also religious has an enormous impact to treating women. In islam they hasn't got easy life. In christianity they can do almost everything like men. In my opinion women are as good as men in almost every job and even sometimes better. They have proved that they are not only able to be housewives doing shopping and cleaning the house but also astronauts, lawyers, managers and so on. Women has the same right like men and nowadays gain the independence. The society was changed and women always has a choice as to live alone, get married or even devorce them husband. The present-women prove even having more duties and less physical strengh than men they are still able to be a successful mother, housewife and career-women.

  17. As we can see women in christianity have more freedom than women in islam or judaism...
    I understand that there are different cultures...But I don't like when people(in this case-women)are treated bad/worse than other... I can't accept this.

  18. Women are also human ,like a man, and should be treated on an equal footing with him.irrespective of any religion or creed. Everyone should have freedom of choice, because everyone has free will, their conscience and belief.

  19. Why men in Islam ill-treat women if the first woman to host a man of Islam and a woman was the first martyr dying for the sake of this faith? I don't unerstand it. We are from Christian country, and women are accustomed to freedom, we don't imagine live like woman from Islam or Judaism. They should rebel against it, I think that they can change somethink, because I belive that any religion is against woman.

  20. I am not going to read this. Author used some kind of English translator. It is waste of my time. By the way topic is interesting.

  21. I think women is normal person and should have the same rights like man.I'm a woman and I've never wanted to live in Judaism or Muslin religion.I need to feel free. I like christian religion because it has some rules but they suit me.

  22. Women is also a men. She deserves respect. In my opinion other country should support the victim women. Women is a mother, mother is an Earth and Earth is our life. Thanks to them we are this who we are. I a man and I am shocked. This article opened my eyes to the difficult women situations in the world. We should fight for women's rights.

  23. Women always have been treated differently,like being in some way worse not as valuable as man.This can be seen very clearly in religion such as islam,judaism,it is good when such an attitude towards women is justified by religion,this people really think (not only men but also some women)that it is order which God has established.What about Christian women?I don't think that they are so well treated,at least not as it involves their religion.Man know that God hasn't established eternal division beetwen worse and better sex,but,in my opinion sometimes forget this,and not because of religion,in general,without reasonable grounds treat women as some "subhumans",able only to giving birth and raising children

  24. I agree that woman should have the same rights as men. But - I don't think they were especially disappointed in those countries (where they are treated as subhumans) before they had seen, that there is another option, another life in other countries. You're less disappointed when you have never seen something better, you just find the situation around you as a normal one. If you agree with this, you can be even satisfied. But the world is changing, poeple mentality is changing and all those countries with different attitude must face it. I think the situation in those countries might change, and their culture as well. It's all up to them.

  25. Religion was made by a man. The position of a woman, seen as a weaker humanbeing, was also made by a man. But today we are living in XXI century. We are aware of evrything what is happening on the world, in the politics. Women were, are and will be the pillar of society.They are taking over the leadership in most important, strategic areas. Woman, whose natural role is to be a mother, are stronger and more resilient than men. By the way men were born and raised by the women. So there is no reason to say: Yes, of course, woman is also a human. She isn't a servant anymore. No, stop talking like this. There shouldn't be even any discussion on this topic. The discrimination against women only shows the weaknes of men.

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  27. After reading this blog, I'm happy I'm not a woman in Islam or Judaism, because I have more freedom and thus the civil rights and freedom of choice. Women should have the same rights as men around the world regardless of culture.

  28. In my opinion, unequal status of women in many countries is really disappointing for me, woman from Europe but this is part of their culture. For us is hard to accept but maybe for them it is normal. I agree with Błażej that they are starting to rebel when they can see women's better life in others cultures.

  29. In my opinion those women don't have a pleasure in in their difficult life and I sympathize with them that their culture is what is. I'm really happy that I live in Europe and i don't have such problems like women in other cultures.I completely agree with an opinion that we must fight for our rights and require men to respect women.

  30. I agree with Karolina. I never can live in Arabia, anb we women in culture of Islam or Judaism. But I'm reliable that women who lived there since many years ago don't feel it like something hard, bad or sad, this is natural for them natural, the topic of the status of the life of women has always been interesting, I can't understand what they are always reporting to men but because of that offended and discriminated.

  31. I agree that women are real human beings. I know this from my own experience because I've met few women in my life. Their behaviour was very similar to men's behaviour. Moreover they were build like a man in many respects. That's why I think that women and men should have the same status .

  32. Arystoteles said that a woman is a handicapped man. It is nonsense.
    Women in Islam still are treated as handicapped.
    In Judaism and Christianity it was changed.
    In Poland women are better educated, but men earn more for the same work and men are promoted faster. It is discrimination! Are you agree with me?

  33. I think it shouldn’t be accepted that people are treated differently depending on their gender. All human beings should have the same rights. I understand that in some extent women and men play a different role in the society but they should always have the freedom to make choices for themselves and the ability to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Hopefully the situation will change in the near future and all around the world people will be treated fairly.