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Anxiety appears as a feeling of nervousness, apprehension, fear, or worry. We have all experienced it at one time or another. Usually our fears and worries are justified, such as worry in anticipation of taking exam. However, anxiety may occur without a cause, or it may be out of proportion to the reason. Severe anxiety can have a serious impact on daily life.

Anxiety disorder is an excessive, unrealistic, and difficult to control worry over a period of at least six months. It's associated with three of the following:

· Restlessness

· Easily tired

· Trouble concentrating

· Irritability

· Muscle tension

· Sleep problems

Anxiety can be accompanied by a variety of physical symptoms. It may appear upset stomach, diarrhea, trouble breathing, feel as if one may faint or like having a heart attack.

Basic kinds of anxiety disorders

Panic Attacks often experienced as a feeling of an intense fear that something terrible is about to happen, like you might die or lose your sanity. These experiences can be extremely frightening and seem quite unusual when first encountered.

Agoraphobia – a fear of being in the environment that is unfamiliar, where we have only little control upon a situation. It may include wide open spaces, crowded places, or travelling. It is often connected with a social embarrassment, as the agoraphobic fears of having a panic attack in public. Many agoraphobics will only frequent a few secure locations, such as their home, a specific route to work, or sometimes the homes of friends or relatives. In the extreme, they will not leave their home.

Depersonalization - It is a feeling of watching oneself act, while having no control over a situation. A person is feeling like in a movie or in a dream, it’s a feeling of disconnection from a body, and the external world seems strange or unreal

Social Anxiety: This can include social nervousness, shyness, fear of public speaking, or just general anxiety sensations while interacting: stress, rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, etc.


Phobia is the unrelenting fear of a situation, activity, or thing that causes one to want to avoid it.

Phobias are largely underreported, probably because many phobia sufferers find ways to avoid the situations to which they are phobic. Objects or situations causing phobia can be really diverse, sometimes even surprising.

Here is a list of the few interesting ones:

Alliumphobia – Fear of garlic.
Ambulophobia – Fear of walking.
Anuptaphobia – Fear of staying single.
Consecotaleophobia – Fear of chopsticks.
Coprastasophobia – Fear of constipation.

Dextrophobia – Fear of the right-side of the body.
Geumaphobia – Fear of taste.
Gnosiophobia – Fear of knowledge.

Hellenologophobia – Fear of Greek terms.
Kakorrhaphiophobia – Fea r of defeat.
Melophobia – Fear or hatred of music.
Oikophobia – Fear of home surroundings.
Osmophobia – Fear of smells or odors.
Peladophobia – Fear of baldness.
Peniaphobia – Fear of poverty.
Photoaugliaphobia – Fear of glaring lights.
Phronemophobia – Fear of thinking.
Sitiophobia – Fear of food or eating.
Xyrophobia – Fear of razors

Heksakosjoiheksekontaheksafobia– Fear of number 666


  1. Gosh, I feel a little overwhelmed with all this phobias. Definitely we all have it but sometimes it is hard to discover or cope with it. My personal favorite is dextrophobia, I wonder how it feels :)

  2. Well, lots of these phobias are invented just for laugh - someone finds a Greek word and adds "phobia" ;)
    However, real phobias or another anxiety disorders aren't funny at all...

  3. we all have some kind of phobias.... Everyone is scared to something or just does not like doing sth. I also think that sometimes people exagerrate a lot of things...This phobias are rather funny... I our contemporary world we can find more difficult anxiety disorders, which are harder to unriddle.

  4. I think I don't have any of these phobias but they are really interesting... I think the most common phobias are gonosifobia (especially among pupils and students), and phronemophobia:-) but after reading all those names also hellenologophobia may turn out as common:-) We can of course be kidding about that topic, but as Ola said in fact for people who suffer on them they aren't funny.

  5. I have a phobias ... I'm afraid of spiders ... Really! I sometimes have a nightmare - they are everywhere, on my bed wrr ...!
    But I think that many of this phobias are false. I don't imagine that somebody can be afraid of for example eating ... People love invent a lot of stupid and unless things.

  6. Actually, I don't think that I have any phobias. But reading about them is quite interesting. For me some of these phobias are quite funny. For example - fear of number 666, and I can't really imagine how it's like to be scared of number 666.

  7. To Agata: well, if you think no one can be afraid of eating, I must tell you that it really happen! One of the members of my family is a psychiatrist and he's told me about one patient, woman, who was just afraid of eating, because it seemed to her that there were needles in food. As she was pregnant, the situation was really dramatic...

    I think each phobia is hard to a person suffering from it. Some can appear funny (when I've read about alliumphobia, first I've thought was "Are there vampires who are affected with it?" ;D) but I think in a serious case, it's horrible for concerned person.

  8. Good to know that my grand mother has Heksakosjoiheksekontaheksafobia (666 number:)), I will inform her about it when i meet her.

    Most of us has some anxieties, but we don't destroy our life focus on fighting with it. People who has one of this phobias has problem with whole life and manage with their personality. Visit to a psychiatrist is recomended.

  9. Lot of this phobia are very funny,and it's hard to believe that there are people who suffer from gnosiophobia... But on the other hand many kinds of phobia could be a serious problem and lead to your live get complicated. For example phobia of spiders, or height.

  10. Most of us have a lot of phobias but sometimes it could turn into real disorder. Some of them are funny for me - i don't understand how someone can be afraid garlic or thinking?! For example gnosiophobia – Fear of knowledge - it could be good excuse for my parents ;) but if it really exist? But seriously - some people have really disorders and it ruin their live - it is sad:(

  11. Some people suffers because of the diferent phobias. This is definitely a very disturbing in their life. In my opinion it is also unpleasant to the relatives of persons

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