Sunday, 2 May 2010

What will happen if we continue to pollute and exploit the Earth in an uncontrolled way?

Must we still discuss this topic?!

Maybe you’ve read the topic of this presentation and you’ve thought: “Gosh, how long must I hear about world’s pollution? I’ve enough!”. And you’ve left the computer turned on, tried to watch something in TV, but you’ve seen Obama speaking about Gulf oil spill area, you’ve irritated more, left the room (TV turned on also), switched on the lights and took a newspaper. But then you’ve looked at an article concerning energy’s economy- and you’ve flied into a rage. Can’t we glance off the subject?

Unfortunately, we can’t. It is not for pleasure that everybody talk about it. If every day we are forced to follow the news about pollution, if more and more campaigns are lanced by countless organization, we can be sure that the problem is really important. Maybe we should try to imagine what are possible consequences of our destructive action. Let’s see….

Different human actions and it’s consequences

Air pollution

When you go out of town, you can finally take a deep breath and smell a fresh air. In a city, it’s impossible: too many cars, too many factories, power plants, too much exhaust fumes… It’s true, however, air pollution is present everywhere: because of using aerosol sprays, hair sprays, dry cleaners and others. Consequences? According to the researchers, the ozone depletion increases about 1% by year. What does it mean? The ozone layer protect us from harmful UVB ultraviolet light which lead to skin cancer, intoxication, ocular diseases. The EPA estimates that 60 million Americans born by the year 2075 will get skin cancer because of ozone depletion. About one million of these people will die. Concerning the environment, the most basic microscopic organisms such as plankton may not be able to survive. If that happened, it would mean that all of the other animals that are above plankton in the food chain would also die out. Other ecosystems such as forests and deserts will also be harmed.

Water pollution

Well, you know that the problem is very actual- there is more and more sewages in our rivers and the treatment of it is still insufficient. Every year, 14 billions pounds of sewage, sludge, and garbage are dumped into the world's oceans, 19 trillion gallons of waste enter the water also. What’s more, incidences of disasters, like the mentioned oil spill in the Gulf Coast in Mexico, are enormous and very difficult or even impossible to control. What are the possible results of still increasing water pollution? The death of milliards of fish and other animals and human food poisoning, skin diseases…

Noise pollution

Noise is among the most pervasive pollutants today. It negatively affects human health and well-being. Problems related to noise include hearing loss, stress, high blood pressure, sleep loss, distraction and lost productivity, and a general reduction in the quality of life and opportunities for tranquility. Animals also suffer from an excessive noise emission: they are often more susceptible to loud sounds and evidently don’t know what’s happening so are also very stressed and must to change their migration patterns.


It is one of the most current bad customs of today’s society. 75% of Americans admit to littering within the last 5 years. Every year there are numerous vehicle accidents caused by litter. People in these accidents are injured and sometimes even killed in their attempts to avoid litter in the roadways. Young children fall on litter in playgrounds, get cut and need medical attention. Many small animals crawl into bottles or jars and get stuck and slowly starve to death. Animals get caught in plastic six pack rings, plastic bags, fishing line and a multitude of throwaways. Birds that are stuck, can’t fly away from danger. Sometimes animals caught in six pack rings are strangled as they grow too big for the opening. Animals get cut, infected and die. Every year, millions of birds, fish and animals die from litter.

Energy waste

The consumption habits of modern consumer lifestyles are causing a huge worldwide waste problem. Having overfilled local landfill capacities, many first world nations are now exporting their refuse to third world countries. This is having a devastating impact on ecosystems and cultures throughout the world.

Global warming

Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of Earth's near-surface air and oceans since the mid-20th century and its projected continuation. Almost 100% of the observed temperature increase over the last 50 years has been due to the increase in the atmosphere of greenhouse gas concentrations like water vapour, carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and ozone. According to scientist, by the year 2100, temperature will have increased by about 3° to 5° C (5.4° to 9° Fahrenheit). Results? Sea levels will rise by at least 25 meters (82 feet). Changes in temperature and precipitation patterns increase the frequency, duration, and intensity of other extreme weather events, such as floods, droughts, heat waves, and tornadoes. Other effects of global warming include higher or lower agricultural yields, further glacial retreat, reduced summer stream flows, species extinctions. As a further effect of global warming, diseases like malaria are returning into areas where they have been extinguished earlier.

I like green, I buy the ecological bags, I’m not concerned

Probably you do something to protect the environment. Yes, it’s quite sure, because nowadays you have to be a little green if you don’t want to be frowned upon. Recently in Poland a new rule have been introduced: you can’ take a plastic bag from a grocer’s shop without paying for it. There is also a kind of fashion for green “ecological bags” (it’s ecological, because it’s green). We can also segregate rubbish using specially designed containers (which content is often loaded in a common place). Am I ironic? Maybe a little. But it isn’t because I feel superior or I want to criticize Poles or any other nation. Quite the contrary, I believe in our sensibility. We need only to realize that all that jazz about Earth’s pollution is really well-founded.

Do you think the alarm is exaggerated? How do you imagine the world in the future if we continue to pollute it? What can we do to protect the environment- what are you doing personally?


  1. I agree with you that people should discuss this problem because we just can't do nothing! If we continue acting like we act, our grandchildren just won't be able to live on the Earth, they won't know some kind of plants or animals which will just vanish... Technology is something good but if we make our life easier by using some inventions, we can't forget about giving something back. Ok, we can build a new factory, but we'll also plant some trees. Being green is not easy but in my opinion worth trying. We can't be egoists, just try to imagine that you live in 2105 and the Earth is dirty and awful only because some people from the past were too lazy to care about it...

  2. I think that the tied panic with exaggerated polluting the planet is unnecessary. Certainly we should to care for the natural environment but we cannot destroy of civilization which we built. Each of us should to care for the environment the way is able: let us not throw waste to forest, let us sort pieces of rubbish, let us throw batteries away into suitable containers, let us put the light out when we aren't applying it. But for me these appeals in order to not each time to take off TV set from the contact are ill because I'm sure that it won't bring the effect. I think that it is possible to ask only for what is feasible. From the other side in my opinion the most considerable problem lies in factories which cutting costs are destroying the environment with chemicals, smokes and other pollutants. And then again doesn't belong of them we won't to destroy it but we will only necessary to force of their owners for the adequate protection.

  3. It is high time to made something to our environment. Poland is one of the most heavily polluted countries in Europe nowadays. The contamination of rivers, lakes and the seahas become commonplace. The water is vieved as a dumping place where we can find sewage and industrial waste. As a result, swimming is forbidden in many places. In my opinion the greatest environmental problem in Poland is the pollution of the atmosphere. Heavy smog and fumes in cities and industrial places polluted air. The consequences are dire, such us extinction of numerous species, serious medical problems inhabitants of our country, cancer,developmental disturbance and so on. For decades the problem of environmental protection has been completely forgotten. It is high time to undertake energetic measures to counteract the spoiling of the environmenta since failing to protect it is ultimately costlier than preserving it. The Polish government have to rethink this issue very carefully.

  4. I also agree that we should do more for the Earth. I know that next generations probably will have problems to live on our planet. Your presentation just proves that. I think the biggest problem are ozon depletion and global warming. What is the most difficult in solving these problems, individuals can't do much. That are governments, who should do something with that, and what is worrying, some of them do much too little (eg. USA).

  5. Problem of Earth pollution is our problem. I agree with Michał, that individuals can't do much, but everyone can (and should) do something, just for himself and next generations - use eco-bags, stop littering (I'll leave alone the question of segregating rubbish,it's a long subject) or save energy and water (I know people, who don't even stop the running water after using it). It isn't difficult, we should only change our habits. Problem of saving the environment is definitely harder for governments - it's a big, really serious question, which is often treated marginally.

  6. Most of us doesn't realize that we all pollute the Earth. It's not only guilt of factories! Every common citizen should feel responsible for our planet!
    However, if we are already conscious of it, we shouldn't become disheartened because of stupid adversities. For example, fact that energy-saving light bulb is much more expensive then normal doesn't excuse us from responsibility. We don't have to buy expensive one if we don't have enough money. Instead of that we can just turn light off when we are leaving the room.
    Btw, nice presentation :)

  7. I don’t think it is exaggerated at all and I believe that polluting our planet at this rate might have disastrous effects in the near future. The world is changing very fast and unless we put more effort into conserving a clean environment it might be too late soon. I think everyone can make little differences in their lives in order to minimize the pollution produced every day. These don't have to be huge changes, but just simple adjustments, like for example using energy-efficient light bulbs or switching the light of when leaving the room.

  8. I'm absolutely convinced that this problem is not exaggerated and needs progressing, sensible solution. Both individual efforts and governments' policy are important, what's more - should be coupled to achieve success and protect the environment effectively.

  9. I'm tired of discussing this topic over and over agian. On the other hand, I understand the importance of doing so. There would have been no significant changes, if the media hadn't been highlighting the problem for the past decades. Thanks to it we are on the good way to protect our planet.

  10. I think that pollution and exploition of Earth is important, but also talking about it over and over again is not improving anything. We should feel responsible but environment can also protect itself. We should discuss that problem and be concerned about it but it's a private matter of eberyone of us.

  11. Sometimes I reflect why the alarm is so loud...
    Maybe somebody has a good business to make global panic? I don't know who, and I don't want find the conspiracy, but I feel sometimes words 'ecological', 'environment', 'green planet' 'global warming' are without meaning and become slogans.

  12. Environmental issues are widely discussed in the media, the alarm call is being given to us repeatably and all over again. Still we seem to be unaware of dramatic consequences of devastating the natural resources of the Earth. All of the changes made by human and associated with processing industrialization and globalization can be irreversible. What if beauty of the natural environment disappear? For the Earth it would be a disaster but for humankind it would be simply unbearable and could even result in our own extinction.
    I need to believe that our efforts matters in preserving nature.

  13. If we continue to pollute and exploit the Earth in an uncontrolled way our world stop to exist. Some of the basics resources will be exploit to the will have catastrophic effects which can lead to disapear of another things connected to it.
    Water pollution mostly lead to feath of many kind of animals which live in this enviroment. Also it is dangerous for people because we lost a water for a drink-we don't have anything to eat and also to drink. To eat because we not eat fish, but other animals which have to drink water died of dangerous things in it.

  14. I think that it’s never enough to talk about environmental problems. People seems to doesn’t realize how important is it for all of us. It’s common to think that one person can’t change anything, so what’s the point even trying. Even such an easy things like eco-bags or recycling are too big problem for some people. So we have to talk a lot about environment because maybe after repeating thousand times it finally get into people's brains.

  15. REvolution that's the ideea. OR just tryin' to live simple as we can, to buy stuff that are produce in farms naturally,

  16. people we have to stop polluting the earth do u want to live in this heat i live near the tropical line the heat is out of control we have to be a team and stop the pollution in the earth and the atmosphere

  17. All we need to do is change to a renewable source of energy such as wind power. 20% of all the wind mills in the world, could power the whole world. Using only one per city could make all the difference. The people who are too lazy to change the world might want to wake up and smell the polluted air. It's not fair to the millions of people who want to make a change in the world. We are killing the Polar Bears, along with many other animals. If one person just reached out to Obama and convinced him that "Yes we can" make this change, then our world will live on for much longer

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  20. Environment is a truly a concerned topic and should be considered important. We all have to work to save our environment. More importantly, we can't just wait for authorities to take up action we at our individual levels will have to do something. Social media is playing an important role in highlighting this topic. One such example is above article.

  21. Environment is a truly a concerned topic and should be considered important. We all have to work to save our environment. More importantly, we can't just wait for authorities to take up action we at our individual levels will have to do something. Social media is playing an important role in highlighting this topic. One such example is above article.