Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Nowadays ecology is more important then few years ago. Unfortunately Poles are not as ecological as for example Swedes or Norwegians. The number of eco-gadgets that exist is huge but there are some I really love:

1. Solar tent

Solar tent contains a huge solar battery on it. The energy which is accumulated during a sunny day is very useful. You can charge your cellphone or other things in a special pocket inside the tent. During the night you can switch on the light or if it is cold outside you can use a special warming floor. And all this energy is produced by nature not by men!

2. H2O Multi-function Clock

Multifunction Clock offers the user an environmental design solution for a product that is used in every day life. The H2O battery has a minimum continuous life of at least 2 years. As all the components of the H2O battery are recyclable. Not only is the H2O Multifunction Clock environmentally friendly, innovative and good-looking, it boasts a range of functions that are initiated by simply rotating the clock through 90-degree turns. There is a Timer, an Alarm Clock, a temperature display and, of course, a clock.

3. Led Squeeze Flashlight

Teach children they can generate light for their torches! Squeeze Flashlight is an eco-friendly product which is shaped like a penguin. It is incredibly user friendly as it is designed for children and can also be used as a nightlight. It has been fitted with a powerful new generation LED lamp. Your child will always have plenty of light whenever and wherever they need it. You can also put it anywhere using the handy feet.

4. 'Spudocat'

Spudocat is a raining coat made of potatoes which looks like a normal raining coat (maybe it smells a little bit different but it doesn't mean that it stinks!). Because it is made of potatoes it is of course biodegradable. And there is something else! When the potato coat can't be used anymore, don't throw it away! Plant it in your garden or a pot and after some time you will get a beautiful plant. Yes, a plant! In every coat there is a seed of some plant. It's really amazing, isn't it?

5. Surge for iPod or iPhone - Novothink

With novothink’s hybrid solar charger case, you can now power up your iPod or iPhone literally anywhere under the sun. This solar panel technology enables you to be part of the solar energy solution. Solar energy is a well tested power source that is already being used around the world for numerous commercial, industrial, government and domestic applications. It is powering water pumps in African villages, weather stations in the Antarctic and satellites in space! You can charge your iPod or iPhone touch by allowing the sun to do the work or you can use the included USB cord to hook the Surge up to your computer. You never need to remove your iPod or iPhone touch from the case to charge it!

6. Solar and Crank Radio

The Solar and Crank Radio keeps things simple. This AM/FM radio can be charged in a number of different ways. It can be charged using mains electricity or it can be plugged into a USB hub. However it can also be charged in an eco-friendly fashion using solar power or the crank technology! This light weight radio is practical and can be used in the garden, on a boat or when camping. And it even allows you to save energy! One minute of cranking this radio delivers 20 minutes of play - five hours of sunlight delivers 30 minutes of play - it takes between 20 and 30 hours of sunlight to fully recharge the battery - the radio can be fully charged using the USB too.

And what? Wouldn't you like to have this kind of a product yourself now? It is great how useful these products can be. Poles, be more eco! It is very simple. ;]


  1. Those gadgets seem great but also quite expensive, aren't they? Being eco is a precious idea that everyone should care about but, frankly, it is not cheap to start to save money and energy. Fortunately there are some other ways which do not require investment. We can for example try to save some energy and water simply not abusing it that much, it's spring time so how about taking out a bike and use it as a meaning of transport to work/ university.

  2. I agree that the problem isn't in eco or non-eco attitude of Poles. The problem is rather in prices of those gadgets. I'd be intrested in solar tent, but it's price would be probably similar to small house, so I'd choose rather a house. Telling the truth all those gadgets won't be popular in Poland, even among ecologists. Even the name "gadgets" suggest that those things are something unneccesary, only for showing off. I'm sure that there are many other things we can do for environmental protection and them results will be better than in spending money for H2O clocks or solar radios.

  3. It's very interesting how people use their mind! The ideas of usage energy which is in nature are great.
    I wonder why this kind of products aren't popular in Poland. Yes, you're right, the money is important cause. But I see other side. Many of this gadgets use the solar energy and in Poland the sun shines only few months.
    So it could make the gadgets aren't practical.

  4. It’s true that if even this eco-gadgets are available in polish shops, they will be rather expensive. But aren’t they funny? I found reading about them really interesting and my favorite one is surge for iPhone which allows to charge batteries with solar energy, because my phone always runs down when I need it the most. However, the vision of myself standing on the street with my phone lifted to the sky with my hand (to recharge the battery faster) don’t amuse me. So maybe it would be better to have solar tent. It would look good in front of my house, but unfortunately I think it would be too heavy for camping.

  5. I agree with AgatQ that if you want to have eco-gadgets to should have a lot of money. Fortunately, to be just eco, without all these "trandy" things, you don't need to be well-off. You can begin with changing small and seemingly normal behaviours. If I could choose one of these gadgets, I think I would pick the Solar and Crank Radio, it seems to be quite cool! In my opinion that's really great that there so many posibilities to use natural resources, we should make the most of this chance.

  6. This eco-gadgets must be great to use especialy this solar tent. It's really useful because it accumulate solar energy during a day which can be use at night to light a tent, it has also warming floor! With this kind of tent camping is only a pleasure without any inconveniences. Moreover it's look fantastic...but there is one big problem this gadget,anyway like all of this kind of gadgets, are very expensive and most of peoples can afford to buy it. However it's nice to see that peples are looking for some projects 'friendly' for enviorment.

  7. I think that this eco-gadgets are very expensive and someone who want to be eco should have a lot of money, in this case. But in my opinion people can be eco and not be affluent. We can do many things for example waste sorting, use energy-saving light bulb.
    I like this tent the most  I sleep under canvas every year during holiday and it’s no nice when you feel dampness and cold. I think that people could make use of natural resources to care of earth.

  8. I agree with Ula. There are better ways of being aco than buying such eco-gadgets. People are manipuleted and exploited by producers of these items. I don't believe that eco-gadgets can really save the environment, they are mainly used to boast in front of other people.

  9. I think, that there are lot of easier and cheaper ways to perform a eco lifestyle. People should start with getting used to waste sorting, or saving electricity or water, and when they're really good at it maybe improve by buying such things like eco-gadgets.

  10. I wouldn't agree with Ula, Paweł and Ania. I mean yes, it's true that such eco-gadgets are expensive and rather unattainable for Polse, at least now. Why isn't it surprising that Norwegians are more ecological than Poles? Simply, they can afford to. It's sad and paradoxical (we should be eco to waste less- both energy and money too)but it's a reality and we can't change it very quickly. However, I don't consider it the reason for which we should criticize the idea of eco-gadget. I believe the way of using alternative energy invented by specialist is really great and amazing (I appreciate examples quoted by Kasia like H2O Multi-function Clock or Led Squeeze Flashlight). So I'm glad that there are persons who want to protect the environment in this way.

  11. In Poland using eco-gadgets is not commonly ... Maybe it is caused by shortage of money in our society and by unecological way of thinking about our environment by most of us. Currently I do not have enough money to by such expensive gadgets. In the future I will rethink this issue.

  12. Everyone told "that is so expensive" but are you sure? For example surge for iPhone cost about 200 zloty. It could be expensive for many people but if someone purchased iPhone for about 1500 zloty it shouldn't be costly for him and it is very nice because you can charge only this panel and after that charge your iPhone. These gadgets are not expensive, really! Maybe solar tent is, I don't know. But the others are not and in my opinion it could be very useful. I think that everyone should be more eco and you not have to buy any gadgets for this! You can start by sorting your trash etc.

  13. I think that these gadgets could contribute to saving the environment. In my opinion saving our planet can be done one step at a time and this is a move in the right direction. I also agree that becoming eco-friendly and buying these kind of gadgets can be a big expenditure, but on the other hand I think that there are a lot of people out there that need this sort of encouragement - if they can buy something that looks attractive they are more likely to become interested in such ideologies and develop a more eco-friendly attitude.

  14. Those eco-gadgets descibed in the article are very interesting!I would like that such things have become more popular in Poland.