Monday, 12 April 2010


Firstly we must know what is STRESS. Everybody say about stress, everyone can say “Oh, I am very stressed”. But what is really mean?

Stress is a term in psychology and biology, which has in more recent decades become a commonplace of popular parlance. It refers to the consequence of the failure of an organismhuman or animal – to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats, whether actual or imagined. Stress symptoms commonly include a state of alarm and adrenaline production, short-term resistance as a coping mechanism, and exhaustion, as well as irritability, muscular tension, inability to concentrate and a variety of physiological reactions such as headache and elevated heart rate.

I think that stress is connected with fear. Many people are stressed, because they afraid of something – for example about work, child or money. Often when we are stressed we cry and we are angry or we react differently.

A little stress may be positive for us, because it motivates us to act. If we have too little stress, we are apathetic. But if we have too much stress, they cause a lot of disease – insomnia, headache, depression, impaired concentration, anxiety, lowered immunity, decline in physical strength.


What cause stress in our organism? Of course some stressful situation, but what does it means? Everyone reacts differently for many situations. Everything depend on age, sex, our psyche and sensibility. For example for students very stressful situation is exam. Many people learn a lot and now they must write a test. For many adults job is very stressful, they have a little time for something else, some people have a stressful boss like a despot. Frequent stressful situation is lack of time. We very often are in situation when we haven’t a lot of time, sometimes even a little of time, but we must do something. It is very, very stressful situation and we pay for it a very big price. Stress is our murderer. It is very dangerous for us, for our health. But of course they are only a little kind of stress, in our word there are a lot of unpleasant situations, terrible situations which cause our panic.

Secondly about stressful situation we can say, when we do something stupid, when we are in funny situation.

What we should react to stressful situations?

It depend on person. Some people react in easy way, because they are immune. But some person are very sensitive for every kind of stress. Most people have stress responses that fall somewhere in the middle. When you feel confident, you're likely to take new stressors in stride. If you feel cornered or unprepared, your stress level may rise.

On one of the website I found a list of the most stressful life situations


% of stress

Death of wife/husband




Death of a close family member












Changing job









GUIDE How we can fight with stress?

  1. We must get to know ourself, our ambitions.
  2. We must find cause of stress.
  3. We must relax and regenerate.
  4. We must do sports.
  5. We must be honest with people, who we love.
  6. We must laugh and smile a lot.

How we can relax?

Everyone prefer different way to relax. Somebody want to go shopping, somebody want to watch TV. Some women want to go to SPA or to beautician. Some people go to church to relax, to calm down, maybe meet with friends, go to cinema.

And I have for you something to relax ;-) special stress joke

Here is a stress management technique recommended in all the latest psychological texts:

Picture yourself near a stream.
Birds are softly chirping in the crisp, cool, mountain air.
No one knows your secret place.
You are in total seclusion from that hectic place called "the world".
The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air with a cascade of serenity.
The water is clear.
You can easily make out the face of the person you're holding under the water...

There now .....

feeling better?

And what you think abort stress? It is only a popular word or it really exist? And what is your way to relax after very stressful day?


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  2. Stress definitely exists and not only in a dictionary, I think... no, I know it! ;) But sometimes it's really hard to understand the reasons of this feeling - I think, that not only me tend to be stressed of some little things, when I'm able to take some important problems easy.
    I suppose, that my way to relax after the stressing day is quite common - a big cup of tea, some sweets, a book or playing Solitaire ;) And of course talking with friends and family - it really helps me.

  3. I also agree that stress is a fact. I'm really streesed person. Exams are stressful for me (despite being good student), but if there is no exam "on the horison" I can easly find some other, even little thing to be stressed. It sometimes looks like a disease. After really stressful day the only way I can relax is to do nothing, because of being so exhausted.

  4. My friends always say 'Why are you so stressed? Relax, take it easy, you're thinking too much of all these things!' and that's true ;) I'm often stressed even though I'm trying not to fuss and take easy everything that's happening... That's just me, I can't do anything with it! ;) I'm quite ambitious person so studies stress me a lot. I also want every person on the world to be happy... Of course, that's not bad but definitely hard to execution :) When I'm extremely stressed I like to sit down in the armchair, listen to calm jazz music, close my eyes and try not to think about anything, especially about sad and bad things.

  5. I also believe that stress does really exist, and it is not just a creation of peoples imagination. Stressfull situations tend to make our bodies react in specific ways, for example they cause elevated adrenaline level and faster heart rate, so in my opinion that should be considered as evidance that stress is a fact. When I feel stressed after a hard day I find that watching some relaxing movies or reading a book helps me calm down.

  6. I think everybody is more and more stressed nowadays. It is the result of our lifestyle- we are all overworked and don't care about our health enough. It is very important to feed on in the good way, to do the sport, to have the time to relax- and we ften say we haven't the time to do it. We are wrong, because after we have to find the time to be treated! And we could avoid it easily. So I think we must be conscious and responsable. Personally, I tend to be very stressed too. It depends on my character. Nevertheless, my brother often repeat me 'You've experienced so much that you should not to be concerned about trifles'. He's right, but sometimes I can't controll my reactions...

  7. In my opinion stress is a common experience for all of us, so we all pretty sure it exist. But our reaction for it and reasons why we fell it differ so much that it’s extremely hard to define stress in one simple definition.
    It is said that nowadays the level of stress in society decreased and it’s easy to agree with that. Extremely crowded streets and shops in the rush hours, everyone in rush, plenty of deadlines at school, work etc. We can all fell pressure of modernity. That’s why it’s so important to have our own way to relax and take time out even in extremely busy day.

  8. As for the topic of the stress he is for me unusually close. I am a person which easily is becoming stressed and not always I am able certain situations "go out" and oneself with them not care . So mind. However I can tell that all advice of the type as oneself not to stess or to com down of stress are not worth nothing. If they are helping somebody namely, that actually he wasn't in the stress. Statistics placed in the presentation surprised me. I understand, that death or divorce may be with stressing situation but Christmas? It is for me strange but each of us is different and everyone inczej is responding to different situations. What for one is a stressing situation for other not.

  9. Stress exists undeniably. I'm stressed person too, and it always has destructive influence on my reactions in definite situation, especially if we talk about an oral exam. I can't overcome it but to get over after a stressful day I meet with my friend, stay alone in park or just sleep.

  10. Unfortunately, there is a big group of people in our society who lives everyday under pressure. and it may be caused by many different situation - problems in work, school. However, stress and strains are feelings which everyone experience. For me the best way of fighting against stress is swimming. It's also easier to overcome stress when we believe in our ability.

  11. Nowadays we live at a great pace. Such a quick pace made us adopt very stressfull life. Stress is omnipresent. We are exposed to stress at school, at work, at home. It is caused by such factors as illness, unhappy family life, problems at work, lack of money... In most cases people who live under stress are workaholics or people whohave been brought up in strict discipline and have been just neglected. So far medicine has not found any remedy for stress so we have to cope with stress by ourselves.

  12. I think that stress really exists and it isn’t a popular word. In my opinion everyone experienced stress in their life. Nevertheless, a particular situations are not stressful for everyone in the same grade. Not everyone knows that one kind of reduction the stress before the exam are irony and laughter. 
    After a very stressful day, when I’m tired and I don’t have strength for anything, I read books, but not difficult to understand, for example: “Young Nicolas”. I do some exercises, listen to music, go for the walk or I simply go to bed, because sleeping regenerate our physical and mental strength.

  13. I also think that stress is omnipresent. Even in deep pristine forest native people feel stress. You shouldn't deny it. For me the best way to ease tension after stresfull day is to watch funny movies on the internet - my morales go up and to do some sport especially jogging.

  14. Of course stress really exists it's a biological term describing state in which we are prepared for rapid action or escape. In lots of situations stress can be really stimulating and for me even needed- during presentations, examines, public speech and so on. However I have to admit that the constant stress is just unbearable and can ruin physical and psychical health. So the best way is never to let it to determine your life, find some ways to wind down, try not to get overpowered with problems. For me very helpful in coping with stress is simply listen to the music, chat, do some exercises or find some green place to read.

  15. For my the besy way to fight with stress is listening a music, but in completly loneliness. I like to take a walk alone with mp3 player and than i have time to think about all things and reschedule my plans. Everyone says about bad side of stress and it's obvious if someone live under the pression all the time it could be tragic in result, but sometimes we need this rush. We know than how we work when dedline is coming and how we react in hot situation.

  16. I think that stress really exist and it isn't only a popular word, I know something about it. Humans life is full of stressfull situations for egzemple exams. For me the best way to fight with stress is doing some activity like riding a bike, go for a walk with my dog or only play with her, usefull is also reading a fantasy book.

  17. I agree with opinion that a little stress may be positive for us because it motivates us to act. This kind of stress help me preper for my exams and tests. But it could became a paralytic stress.
    And the best way to relax for me is conversation with my friend or with my father. They understand me and help me find good solution for my problems.

  18. I know that stress really exist and destroys our imagination about beautiful life! 
    The best way to relax after stressful situation or day is training! When I do exercises I am to tired to think about all what make me feel bad! And it’s proved by scientists that exercises affect hormone responsible for a good mood.

  19. Stress really exist in our world. It's not only the word. Many people in this time have problems with it. It can be a relly trying disease. At our world more and more people have to treatment.
    When I'm stressed I try to forget about the reason why...maybe watch a good movie, listen to the music or just talk to someone close.