Wednesday, 21 April 2010

How to find love in modern Word?

The world that we are living in gives us many ways of finding second half. There are so many places where you can fall in love. Some of them are traditional but last 5 years gives us totally new methods.

Traditional one

Clubbing. Trying to find a girl on party or in the club.

In my opinion it’s one of the hardest way of finding girl or boy – friend. Of course it’s not hard to find one night occasion but what we are really searching for is pure love!
- So first wall to beat is that 80% people on the party are drunk.
- Second hardship is that certainly you are drunk. Even if not drank, surly not sober
- Third problem is noise. Music is so loud that it is almost impossible to have normal conversation. You can’t fall in love without talking to another person, right?
- Forth issue is quite funny… It’s dark in the club! Maybe some of people would say that appearance isn’t imperative but let’s be honest presentation is very important think, especially the next day in shining sun:P

Dating with person that was recommended by your friend, sister, brother or mother

I shouldn’t comment this way of finding love it’s obvious that it won’t work.
- First and only think in this paragraph is that you can’t rely on your family and friends in love issues. They never guess what are your needs and always bring on you the worst.

Modern ways to fall in love

Speed dating.

Speed dating is a formalized matchmaking process or dating system whose purpose is to encourage people to meet a large number of new pe ople. By 2000, speed dating had really taken off, perhaps boosted by its portrayal in shows such as Sex and The City as something that glamorous people did. Supporters argue that speed dating saves time, as most people quickly decide if they are romantically compatible. and first impressions are often permanent.

So, How speed dating looks like? One room, caffe or club, few peopleMen and women are rotated to meet each other over a series of short "dates", usually lasting from 3 to 8 minutes depending on the organization running the event. At the end of each interval, the organizer rings a bell or clinks a glass to signal the participants to move on to the next date.

Does it work? I don’t know – some people says that they found love in that way, others says that there is no way to find someone interesting in that way. What everybody confirm is that this is great fun

Internet chatting/Web dating.

According to the scientist Web dating is the most popular method of interpersonal contacts in the WORLD(sic!)! It’s hard to belief but it seems to be true.

Maybe it is because that it is the easiest mode. Some of internet users says that the best thing in Web chatting is anonymity. But tell me, is it possible to fall in love keeping your personality in secret?

Neither of this method is perfect. I think that it isn’t even close to perfectness. In my opinion the best way to fall in love is leave this thing to your destination. You will surly find the right person on the path of your life.


  1. I noticed that nowadays, it's vary popular to meet people by the internet. You can watch pictures, get some knowledge about other people hobby, write with them on the chat, and than, if you like it you can make appointment in real world. I am not follower of meeting people in clubs. You must have a lot of luck to meet the right person in this kind of place.

  2. I agree with Dominik that the best way to find second half is to wait patiently. I don't have girlfriend but despite that I don't panic. I hope that I will find this only one person some day, but I'm sure it won't be on speed dating or chat. I think those modern ways aren't proper. Date, which takes few minutes or chat, where everything is hidden can't give us true view of a person.

  3. I don't like modern ways of finding love at all. I am maybe too old-fashioned but I would five of minutes of the tete-a-tete than the hour of "clicking" on the chat. I think that they through the Internet or in the club actually won't give to meet second persons. It is necessary her "watching" in her everyday life. As for modern mother-in-laws ... now are morerefined ways than the roller...:)

  4. Those modern ways of finding the "one and only" could be quite good joy, but I'm not convinced, that they could give people anything more. However, maybe I'm not right? Maybe they are good alternative for people, who're shy by nature and would never decide to make someone up in any "normal" situation?
    And if we remind the fact, that many couples have spilt up because of web dating, finding loves from a kindergarten on Nasza-Klasa etc., we probably should believe, that modern ways of finding "the right person" really works.

  5. I have met a lot of people during surfing in the Internet, some of them are my very good friends now, we're meeting 'alive' and talking 'online' so I can imagine finding love in the Web, but... Yes, there is a 'but'. Just like in normal life, we can't look for love in the Internet, that's my opinion. It is possible that we meet someone really nice, get to know him/her well, see that we have similar interests etc and then fall in love. But just like generally in love, I don't find it possible to find love only because we really want it, love is something unpredictable... And that's why it is so beautiful :) Speed dating may be funny and interesting but only when we don't treat it too seriously ;)

  6. “You can’t fall in love without talking to another person, right?” – I wouldn’t so sure ;)
    But I agree that it’s very very difficult (I avoid to say impossible, because I believe that everything is possible ;)) to find Mr or Mrs Right in club. For me, it's even paltry.
    Generally speaking, I'm also of the opinion that web dating and any other way focused on fiding second half is unromantic. I know that it can work, I know the couples (even the mariages) inspired by the Internet. However, personnally, I'd prefer to find my love in a "traditionnal" way ;)

  7. People in contemporary world find love in clubs, holiday, in school or just serving by the net... These people who are more enterteining could find their half in pubs, clubs.But I think that love find in this way is not be good. Nowadays a lot off people do not have enought time for date or clubbing and they try to find love just serving by the net and chat with people. I think that it is good way to find love, because there we can talk a lot off diffirent subjects, and we are not be shy or withdraw.

  8. Well,there are many ways of making somebody's acquaintance and I wouldn't discriminate any of them. It's possible to meet interesting person in club, pub, Web, everywhere... You are all talking about 'finding true love'. Do you believe that somewhere in this world the Only One Right Person is waiting for you? ;) I don't believe in this kind of destination. I think falling in love is more dependent on you than you imagine.

  9. I believe in destiny, and that whatever is meant to happen will happen…one way or another;). I have heard many stories of how people found love through chat rooms or other forms of internet, so I don’t think it’s impossible. Although I do think that people who choose this way of searching for love should be very careful. Anonymity allows people to color up facts or even pass-off as someone completely different.

  10. I also think that internet isn't the right place to find you love. Chatting is completely different than live conversations. People are acting differently, they even respond differently than they normally would. You must be really lucky and carefull to find someone right and odds for that are really low. And as for destiny I partially believe in it. I think that we need a litlle bit of effort and really great things can happen to us.

  11. Love can't be enforced into our life because it is so delicate matter and it's beauty lays in total unpredictability. Finding great love is probably most difficult thing in life in which you can not make up lack of luck with hardworking. Although depending only on destiny can be quite tricky. And what if the situation doesn't happen at all? Everyone should pursuit their own happiness not only be incessantly miserable waiting for destiny to works. Grabbing own lot is an act of positive self-thinking so I see no reason to wait. But I do wait:) Stupid of me.

  12. Yeah, chatroulette is the best place in Earth to find a partner:) Especially when you want to see him naked. Serioulsy, it's hard to imagine for me that people try find love via Internet. I understand that most of us are shy in close relation, but Internet is full of liars and trickster. The best solution is patience, but you shouldn't waste your time for waitning:) Get fit, spend more time with friends, go to the parties or learn with library and then you have opportunity to meet dreamed-of love.

  13. Nowadays of course we can find our love in tradicional metodes, but also we can find it in modern way. It is better for us, because we have a chioce. I think that internet-meeting isn't a good way, but many people think that it is the best way! And many people find love because we meet in chat or something like that. Speed dateing isn't popular in our country, but on the West many people meeting in this kind of date. Maybe it is due to lack of time. I don't know. But I think that love is the most important in our live and we should have a lot of time for it!

  14. Love is unusual and extraordinary thing so way to find the right person could be surprising. I have the theory - if we are too desperate, we won't meet girlfriend or boyfriend. Love is like a mystery and usually comes unexpectedly. right, we can help the luck, but sometimes the best method is patience. It possible to meet love on a street :)

  15. I think that searching for love doesn't much change from the past years. In nowadays we have more options to use. But in my opinion it's not good to search for a love it just happend in the moment you don't expects it.

  16. In modern World there are a lot of way to find a love: internet, clubs, school. For many people its difficult to find sceond half they are trying adn nothing. I have one rule dont search love, love find you. If looking for real love not only relationship you should concentrate at your personal live and love find you.