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History and Origin

Women first got their reputation as bad drivers from one individual who won't be named, on June 4th AD 4. This individual crashed her car spectacularly, seriously harming herself, a rock, and the guy who wrote the bible. Unfortunately for us (because she continues being alive),
and for women all around the world (because they get a hilarious stereotype), she survived.

Later occurances of exemplary female driving techniques from many others ensured that this stereotype stuck, and in time was applied to all females. This is, in fact, unfair: it is only a mere 98% of females who present symptoms of "true female driving".

Car Insurance For Women Drivers

A comparison of quotes will show that women are often regarded as safer drivers than men!

Statistics have revealed that car accidents involving women drivers consistently cost less to insurance companies than those of their male counterparts, so it's little wonder that there has been a sharp increase in the number of insurers offering cover for women drivers exclusively in recent years. The fact that dropping the kids off at school and doing the weekly shopping still largely remains in the domain of women, it would suggest that by them driving relatively short journeys, often at reduced speeds, they incur fewer accidents and are therefore deemed less of an insurance risk.

The reality is, however, that changing lifestyles, ambitions and responsibilities mean more and more women drivers of all ages are travelling longer distances. But while the attitudes of female drivers are generally considered to be less aggressive than those of men, almost any leading or niche car insurer will be more inclined to offer competitive insurance quotes to women drivers when statistics show that a far greater number of men have incurred convictions for dangerous driving.

Smaller, less powerful and greater fuel economy are all factors that many women would consider important when given the opportunity to purchase a car for their own personal use, particularly one that is to be driven on an everyday, around-town basis, and as this type of car will ensure the best deal when it comes to finding cheaper car insurance, quotes from almost every insurer in the industry will reward women drivers with such values, discounts, and benefits on policies at any level of cover.

Whilst I am sure that there are plenty of people who would suggest (in a tongue in cheek manner) that women should be banned from driving, it is worth bearing in mind that there are some places in the world where it it is actually illegal for a woman to be behind the wheel of a car.

Take Saudi Arabia for example, a woman in her 20’s was arrested back in March 2009 in the holy city of Mecca in Saudi after she was seen driving a Lexus 4×4. The police gave chase and took her into custody.

A statement from the spokesman for the Mecca Police, Maj Abdul Muhsin al-Mayman said “The woman tried to escape when she saw a police car and in the process hit another car, which was slightly damaged”.

He did not identify the woman or give her nationality, but said she was handed over to the Prosecution and Investigation Commission for interrogation.

Stories such as this one do make you realise the freedoms we take for granted in the western world!

We’ve had this great old fashioned advert for Motor Oil sent in to us, and it does a great job of highlighting the way the media portrayed women drivers in the past.

Reading the article, it’s the first few paragraphs that hammer the point home, and shows the stereotypical view of women drivers, that was accepted seriously at the time, but can be looked at in a more tongue-in-cheek manner now.

To quote from the article:

“More and more men drivers are realizing the importance of using the correct oil in their cars. To their wives who drive the cars during the week, the importance of scientific lubrication is even greater.

Driving problems, bothersome enough for men drivers, become more serious when a woman is at the wheel…

The article goes on to describe ”Driving problems that bother women.” such as “Engine is difficult to start” and “gears have to be shifted in hills and traffic“.

It’s an advertising piece clearly directed at men, that it would simply not be possible to get away with any more, but thankfully worth a laugh at now, just to show how far we’ve come (or not, judging by some of the videos on this site!)

Have a good look here:

A new survey by UK motor insurer found that female motorists are particularly prone to get in a spin if someone is watching and more than twice as likely to resort to asking another driver to park their car for them.

  1. The survey of 4,200 drivers: 1428 men and 2772 women appears to back up anecdotal evidence that women have a blind spot when it comes to reversing into a parking space.
  2. 75% admit that backing into a space is at times too difficult even when there is sufficient room and more than one in five confess they are hopeless at the manoeuvre under any conditions.
  3. That compares with just nine per cent of men who admit they are inept at parallel parking reversing into a space next to the kerb – and half who are sometimes defeated by an adequate space.
  4. A separate US survey commissioned by car firm Ford found that 35% of women avoid parallel parking whenever possible.
  5. Almost one in three women – 28 per cent – admit persuading another driver to park for them compared to just 12 per cent of men.
  6. And 47 per cent have left their car at an awkward angle to the kerb compared to only 39 per cent of men.
  7. “There is a definite difference between genders and their attitude to parking,” said the firm’s managing director Brian Martin.
  8. “Some people claim that generally women are not so spatially aware as men. This would certainly play a part in being able to park comfortably.
  9. “The women we questioned were far more willing to admit they have trouble doing it. Nearly three times as many women say they’ve been unable to park.”
  10. 75~% of female respondents said parking is more difficult when being watched by someone else compared to just 47% of men who get stage fright at the wheel.
  11. 81% of women surveyed get flustered when another motorist stops to wait for them whereas just 56%of men find it stressful.
  12. The research is backed up by the firm’s claims records that show that more women are involved in car park collisions – 56 per cent of claimants in the past 12 months are female compared with 44 per cent male.
  13. “Our research shows just what a problem many motorists have with parallel parking. It’s something most people don’t like to admit – especially men,” said Mr Martin.
  14. The survey also revealed that 56% overall have had a parking space ’stolen’ by another driver as they dithered over manoeuvring and that parking problems cause many motorists to become angry and frustrated.
  15. 20% frequently get angry when unable to find a space and 17% have got into an argument with another driver over a free space.

Here’s a few of the better jokes regarding women drivers and their cars

  • Policeman: ‘When I saw you coming round that bend I thought, “Forty-five at least”.’
    Woman driver: ‘Well, I always look older in this hat.’
  • Wife: “There’s trouble with the car. It has water in the carburettor.”
    Husband: “Water in the carburettor? That’s plain daft.”
    Wife: “I’m telling you the car has water in the carburettor.”
    Husband: “Don’t be silly, You don’t even know what a carburettor is. Where’s the car?”
    Wife: “In next door’s swimming pool.”
  • One liner: “We bumped into some old friends yesterday, my wife was driving.”
  • One liner II: “Nothing confuses a man more than a woman driver who does everything right.”
  • One Liner: My wife had a nasty accident with the car this morning. She backed it out of the garage, completely forgetting that the night before, she had backed it in.
  • Judge: ’But if you saw the woman driving towards you, why didn’t you give her half the road?’
    Male Driver: ‘I was going to, Your Honour, as soon as I could find out which half she wanted.’
  • A lady driver was passing through a built-up area at about 60 mph when she noticed a motorcycle cop on her tail. She accelerated to to 80 mph but he stuck doggedly to her tail. She really put her foot down and pushed the car up to 90 mph, drawing rapidly away from the policeman. Suddenly she spotted a filling station ahead and slammed on the brakes. she stopped on the forecourt and ran into the womens toilets. 5 mins later she came out to see the police officer still waiting for her. With a polite smile she said, ‘I bet you thought I wouldn’t make it in time!’

Real answers given by Women Drivers in the California Driving Test:

  • Question: What are some points to remember when passing or being passed?
    Answer: Make eye contact and wave “hello” if he/she is cute.
  • Question: What is the difference between a flashing red traffic light
    and a flashing yellow traffic light?
    Answer: The color.
  • Question: Do you yield when a blind pedestrian is crossing the road? Answer: What for? He can’t see my license plate.
  • Question: When driving through fog, what should you use?
    Answer: Your car.
  • Question: What changes would occur in your lifestyle if you could no
    longer drive lawfully?
    Answer: I would be forced to drive unlawfully.


  1. I'm the woman but some of these jokes amuse me. I think that we shouldn't take everything extremly seriously, stereotypes exist and we can't do anything to abolish them. If someone believes that women cannot be as good drivers as men, he/she will always do so and won't change his/her mind.
    I don't have a driving licence and I don't want to have it this time. Maybe one day but now I don't feel ready for it. Is it because I'm the woman? Maybe yes, maybe not. We'll never know it for sure ;)

  2. I also think that some jokes about women drivers are really funny, I especially enjoyed those answers given by women in the California Driving Test. But sometimes the stereotypes and common opinion that none of women can drive could be harmful, because there is a lot of them, whom are great behind the steering wheel.
    Of course, there is also some women who should never get a driving licence (because they haven’t got predisposition to that), but it isn't the excuse to make it illegal for a woman to be behind the wheel of a car.

  3. I also don’t have a driving licence and I don’t need it now but I’m planning to have it in the future.
    I think that women could be good drivers, it just depends on the person and I can’t imagine myself the situation that in my country women driving is illegal. It is a discrimination!

  4. One day I listened to some programme in the radio connected with driving. And someone said, that the main difference between male and female drivers is... their attitude to the car. For women it's just one of means of transport, which sometimes makes some problems. For men the car is almost like a member of family, source of prestige, their pride, so they want to show, how good drivers they are. Maybe that is why they reiterate the stereotypes of female drivers? But of course, this is also some kind of stereotype... ;)

  5. When I was watching the photos and video, my brother appeared, looked through my shoulder and said frankly: 'I think men can do such car-tricks also!' xD.
    Some of that jokes are really funny and dispite the fact I'm a woman I laughed a lot. But I think that saying the women are much worse drivers is a disagreement and a stereotype.
    (In my modest opinion men just envy women that sixth sense and prudence they have when driving a car. ^^.)

  6. I think your brother said a really important point of view. When we talk about women drivers and we repeat stereotypes, we forget about it - men can do extremely absurd things with cars.
    The name of good driver depends on very various factors, maybe on the sex, but not only.

  7. In my opinion women are better drivers than men because they drive more carefully and pay more attention on the road.
    On the other hand men are more confident on the road which is very important in some situations.
    I belive that women drivers should be more respected by the men drivers.
    Some of these jokes are realy funny but we need to remember that sometimes men also do very stupid things on road but unfortunatelly we don't tell jokes about them.

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  9. As a man, I can`t disagree with opinion that women are worse drivers than men. Look, there is no woman in professional cars races, F1 etc. Women drive to slowly and deftly, and it`s really serious problem on our streets because it`s the main reason of traffic jams. But we can`t be paranoiacs. Most of that pictures are unbelievable, and even women can`t drive so badly;p

  10. In my opinion women arn't in F1, because we don't like to risk our lifes - races can be dangerous and we are carefully. But men always must be first and the best, like children...;)
    Marek, you think women are the main reason of traffic jams? I disagree. When everybody stays, no one can be faster, man nor woman. In my town traffic jams are caused by lights and too narrow roads. But what is the most important - every day I see one person in one car! It is the real problem.
    But, of course, I know bad and good drivers in both sides - we are different, but no sex is better in general.

  11. Yes, some of those jokes are really funny, but I must agree that such "interesting" road situations are also possible among men drivers. When I looked on that photos I thought they are also funny: a car blocked on a stone... Typical for some women... But what is typical for some men: driving after alcohol, bravado, serious accidents... So, it is better sometimes to wait for woman trying to park than to have an accident caused by a man who thought that he is the only one on the road. It is good to have a fun of woman drivers, but we should remember that in fact, roads more often bring sadness than laughter...

  12. As a person who doesn't have a driving licence I shouldn't have opinion in that subject, but as a typical Pole i have my opinion in all subjects:) That kind of jokes are hilarious because they are based on stereotypes and show us in false mirror. If we can laugh fot it we prove that we are good drivers, because we perceive our weakness and we could accept it. The same situation is on the road. If you could understand and fight with that stereotypes you are better driver than everyone.

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  14. I have a driving licence, but so far I'm only "sunday driver" :P
    Even though I saw a lot of verry funny situations on the road. I can't tell wheter womans were more often in this situations, but I think this jokes above are talking about some truth examples of driving womans.

  15. Those pictures are funny, that's right. The pictures of crashes caused by men are certainly less popular because nobody wants to watch dead bodies.
    In my opinion, instead of discuss who is better behind steering-wheel, we should think that generally people are bad drivers and have it in mind on the roads.

  16. I think that being a good driver is not on gender. During the course of the driving-licence, instructors should devote more time to learn and do more to drive in some difficult situations for example, people who seemed driving-licence in the summer does not really know what to do and nothing is caught in a snow drift, or fall into a skid

  17. I think it depends on a person if someone is a good or a bad driver. In my opinion it depends on the character and predisposition of a driver. In a different situations on a road better react woman, and in some man. I don't think it's a good idea to divide it on woman drivers and man drivers. On the road they're all just drivers.

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  19. Like other have said it depends on predisposition of a driver, but the fact is that the most funny or mind-boggling situation are connected with woman so i don't see a reason why others shouldn't be prejudiced. It's true that we shouldn't divide them into two sperate groups but still on the road I will keep away from women

  20. In my opinion it is difficult to judge who is better drivers, but as a women I must to say that womens are... they are more cautious and they pay more attention on the road. But on the other side mans are more confidence (sometimes too confidence)which is really important in difficult situations which reguire fast decision. However I must to say that most of this jockes and photos are funny...

  21. As for me being good or bad driver isn't connected with sex... Good driver should make fast decision, be concentrated on the way, drive careful, remember about some similiar rules and practise a lot and it really doesn't matter if somebody is men or women. It's only stereotype...

  22. Awa,maybe being good or bad driver isn't connected with sex, but unfortunately women are worse drivers as a mens, because yhey could't be concebtrated on the way ( you know what I mean - lipstick, meka up etc. ;-))

  23. Like most of us I don't believe in any connection between sex and driving abilities. Both women and men can be great drivers and also both of them can be terrible. Some people drive better then the others, maybe because they can easier concentrate. I think that a person becomes a good driver after driving many kilometres because a practice makes a master.

  24. There are many jokes on women behind the steering wheel and we must admit than driving women pose a thread on the road . Lipstick and steering wheel are not the best combination – women are more likely to distract their attention with makeup for instance and loose control over the car. Despite the fact that they drive more slowly than men and more often have the seatbelts done up they cause more car incidents because of carelessness. They often do not signal the intention to change lanes and not to give the right of way.

  25. In my opinion womens are bad drives, obviously happend exception, but the exceptions proves the rule. Women have problem with wits in region. Very common is situation when woman to talk on the mobile phone about half hour or more, next time woman make up in the car during drive. It is horrible when we see woman losing control of the car and crashed because she at the moment to talk mobile phone or something similar.

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  27. In my opinion womens are as well as mens in driving. Maybe womens cause more car accidents, but it is ONLY statistics. As we know, when man goes to a walk with dog, they are statistically both three legs :) So, statistics isnn't authoritative :)

  28. I think that that is the driver who depends on skills and experience rather than gender. woman can be just as good a driver as a man. But I think it's true that we have much more difficulty with parking and contentration however, women run more slowly and cautiously so cause less accidents

  29. I can't agree women are worse drivers than men. Personaly I think we are much better drivers(I'm a woman of course) and we cause less accidents. Sometimes we are careless and we forget that we drive but the same happens to men.

  30. In my opinion it is only a stereotype that women are bad drivers.Why we are think in that way?I can't see any realistics reasons,of course,statistics shows that.But they are measuring only abilities of women.What about men?Why nobody is testing them so precisely as us?
    Even if men are better in driving it is only because that they are driving more often then women,they are making from a driving their field in which they think that they are the best and they even don't want to think that can be differently.

  31. When I read yours comments I noticed that a lot of men said that women are bad drivers but every woman said that this no true. I also have a driving licence and I think that women are more carefulest in car than men, sometimes too careful. Men drive speedilest and they often have a serious accidents. Accidents consequent from carefulness are more funny, because in our country conformity low on the streets is rarity.Who drive 50 km/h in town? Nobody. Of course the photos aren't "accidents consequent from carefulness" they are accidents consequent from stupid but I belive that men also do some accidents:)

  32. I agree with monikap.I think women aren't worse drivers than men.When they are driving a car they are more carefull than men and statistics confirms it.I don't have driving licence but mamy mamy woman, who I know, have it and they are very very good drivers.

  33. In my opinion,it is hard to say who is better driver-man or woman?
    Surely,women more careful,cautious when they are driving.They usually drive slower than men and they drive according to regulations.
    On the other hand,women are less confident,uncertain in the car.
    But men drive faster,more risky.They break many law regulations and are sometimes too nervous when they are driving.Despite this,men are more confident and have better intuition i driving.
    So,these are stereotypes...I think that the most important are our personal features.Driving skills depend on person.

  34. The whole discussion seems to me as reinforcing the seterotype of women as worse drivers than men. We should also take into consideration that driving on polish roads with people without "driving manners" is a challenge. I'm not surprised that women are more stressed, by driving they must always prove that they are worth their driving licences.
    Of course I know some women who drive terribly but I know much more men who shouldn't even get their driving licences and not because of speeding, they just don't know how to behave on a road. What makes you a perfect driver is not the gender but it is only one featur - to have the feel of right side on the road.

  35. I think woman can be as good drivers as men. People are different and stereotypes are hiding it. I just do like jokes :) And it they're good, intelligent, in good taste - they are funny as hell. It's not a bad thing to laugh (event when joke concerns ourselves ;)). All people should look at this matter (and many others) with appropriate distance.

  36. I think it doesn't metter that a driver is women or men. Anyone can be good or bad driver and that only womens are bad drivers is only a stereotype

  37. I'm a man and when I look how my sister and mother drives a car I grab my head. I don't speak that I'm a very good driver but I drive better than my mother and sister. But not everyone women is a bad driver. For example Martyna Wojciechowska. She is first women from central and estern Europe which completed Paris-Dakar Rally in 2002. In addition she took second place in Transsyberia Rally 2003. We see that womens can be good drives.

  38. I'm a woman who isn't a driver, but i personally think that saying that women are bad drivers is only a stereotype. I don't belive that being a good/bad driver doesn't depend on a driver's sex, but on character and skills. Men comparing to women are much more self-confident and to often get angry at driving women, because of existing stereotype, not of women skills.

  39. In my opinion we can't say who is a better driver, it isn't depend on sex. Various factors, how weather, unhappy coincidences, other drivers, condition of road, cause accidents. It's only steretype that women are unobservant, careless and they think about thousands other things. Men are the same. I'm afraid of driving car, because men drive too fast and carelessly.

  40. some men are worse drivers than some women.
    I know woman, who is great driver.
    Men drive more and they have more experience.

  41. I agree around Karolina. These all photographs are funny, but it doesn't mean that women cannot lead! Women more often do such nonsenses but during the ride they are more careful and they are leading more gently. One can see it after women - drivers of buses. Men more often break the law. So what is worse?

  42. I think that women in most cases maybe not be better drivers than men, have difficulty with parallel parking, but there are definitely more cautious drivers and cause far fewer accidents than men. And anyway I think it shouldn't be divided for the drivers on women and men. A good driver is the one who had a lot of practice. My friends all have driving license, and I am not afraid of ride with them.

  43. " Answer of Sally on test in math was wrong.Explain, why?
    - Sally is a woman. Woman can not do math"
    Ok it was a joke.
    To my mind most of stereotypes that describe people are not based on real facts. There are some diffrences based on psychical properties of man and woman but I am sure that this diffrences are not so significant. I think that the most important factor that destroys reputation of women is they ignorance for technology and basic rules of construction and generaly "In what way does it work? I what way it can be easily destroyed." I think that more precied education could help.

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  45. I don't know if women are worse drivers than men, but I'm sure that they are better behind steering-wheel than dachshunds. I think that dachshunds can't drive precisely due to their short legs. Another problem is that they lose their concentration very easy (what is probably connected with a small size of their brains). Last but not least dachshunds are debarred from taking driving test, and cannot, if they desired- which they do not- become drivers.
    On the other hand, most of dachshunds really enjoy traveling by car and look lovely with their "long-eared" heads sticked out of the window.

  46. I agree with Karolina and EmMi that all the photographs are funny, but it doesn't mean that women cannot lead...
    But I must say that a lot of women have problems with.... directions(left and right) :P
    If you tell woman "Turn left" she probably turn right...or start to think "Hmmm...left?What direction is it?"

  47. That isn't a problem of only woman! My frind's dad can't do it also!
    Bad woman drivers-I don't belive in such a thing! The best driver is my mum (my dad doesn't drive:) and the safest drivers are my female friends. Often when I ride mith man I feel dizzy, but mabe it's not in case of their driving abilities? :)

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  49. In my opinion woman are more responsible drivers. I have driving licence from 3 years and I thing I am not a good driver but my mother is better than my dad. Mens tring demonstrate that they are a real man if they are a good driver. They are driving very aggressively specially taxi driver.

  50. Correct! If you’re a female driver, then you will be fortunate to have lesser car insurance rate. This is because insurance providers are convinced that female drivers are safer drivers than men. Even if we , women still likely to be involved in car accidents, some statistics show that those accidents are less serious as compared to that of the men. The claim costs for car damages as well as injuries will be less, which is why women tend to get cheaper car insurance.

    Barbie Mauricius