Wednesday, 28 October 2009

PechaKucha 20x20

Hello Guys:)
I've got an extra task for you, for extra points.
Have you heard of PechaKucha ???
I took part in such an event the previous week.
Your task is to check what it is and present your point of view.Give links to interesting sites that present it. What do you think of this new trend? I liked it a lot?
Have Fun!


  1. I think it's an interesting idea but I'm not sure if 20 seconds is not too long in some situations... I have never seen such presentation so it's hard for me to imagine how useful it is. Of course attractiveness of each presentation depends on its subject matter... When subject is boring even the most original and unorthodox presentation won't help ;)

    I have found such links: (funny movie that shows how to pronounce Pecha Kucha) and some introduction :)

  2. To tell the truth, I' ve never heard about Pecha Kucha. When I saw Monika's post in "Blog Posts" I thought: "a joke or mistake? Pecha Kucha?!?" But now, after searching out some information, I think: "Good idea". In my opinion the best way to learn something in interesting field is to meet and talk with enthusiasters in that matter; and people who present something on Pecha Kucha 20x20 Night are undeniabely such persons.

    I also present link to Pecha Kucha servis when you can see e.g. in which cities Pecha Kucha Nights are organised:

  3. So, for me it's also hard to imagine how does it work, but I think, that it's a happening, which can make much positive energy between people - they are together, watching pictures with no text, no comments. Such a form encourages them not only to being together, but also to talking, laughing, comparing their feelings, opinions.

    And the next good thing in Pecha Kucha is usefulness of it - it is changed as the best type of presentation in schools or some offices - it's quite short, so listeners aren't tired and they can concentrate all the time. - official website of Pecha Kucha

  4. Frankly speaking, I haven't even heard such a strange word as "Pecha Kucha". So absurd, I like it. ^^.
    Basically it's some kind of dynamic presentation.
    The words "Pecha Kucha" mean in Japanese "a sound of conversation".

    And look! There was a Pecha Kucha in Gdansk this year.

    Maybe some day it would be in Warsaw? It seems to be contagious, this mysterious Pecha Kucha xD.

  5. I' ve never heard about "Pecha kucha". When I read about this project I thought it might be an interesting and unusual idea of showing your presentation. In my opinion the main advantage of "Pecha Kucha" is the fact that it lasts short and there is a less possibility of getting bored.

    Some more links:

  6. I`ve heard about it for the first time in my life. It`s a great idea for young designers and their chance to present their works in front of all world. Short time to present pictures forces designers to invent original kind of presentation what could be interesting for average people.

  7. I never heard about this project called Pecha Kucha but I think that Pecha Kucha is funny. In my opinion this project is some kind of games for people which can samself presentation in short time. I couldn't tell about me in 20 second. Person which isn't know about me couldn't "see" my true personality.


  8. Maybe that kind of event is interesting in the beginning, but after few breaks and presentations and of course drinks we don't want to hear about someone's great ideas. Than we have our own which are better and obviously we must share it with everyone. So probably pechakucha is only another reason to drink and dance all night.


  9. I think that Astrid Klein and Mark Dycham Klein has a genial idea. I don’t see this presentation personally, but if I could I would go there. The photo which I find on the webside gimmicky my attention. It is fantastic, it has something strange when we look it.

  10. I didn't see nothing like "Pecha Kucha", but I think it's good idea for some presentations. 6 minutes isn't very long and nobody can be bored, what is popular during "normal" presentations. Then we have a discussion and can share our opinions like in others meetings. So if I could I would go.

  11. I haven't heard about PechaKucha before. I think this name sounds interesting:-) It's an fantastic idea and chance for artists, designers and everyone who want to present their art or ideas in short time. It's too short time for getting bored and simulteneously adequately long time for presentation of creativity.

  12. I also haven't heard about "Pecha Kucha". These days time is money;-). I think that Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham made very intresting presentation format;-). It is in Poland! Just look at site:

  13. When I heard first time about PechaKucha I really don't know what it is, like a rest of my predecessors. Now I know what it is, and this look interesing, especially for people who like events. Maybe it is to succeed introduce in Poland but now it's impossible to foresee the result at this stage.

  14. I have heard about Pecha Kucha 20x20 for the first time this evening. I think it's a good and interesting idea for people who want to change their opinions on some topics. it is something new in Poland but I hope it will become popular in Poland in the future.As some people say Poland is another Japan. Who knows?