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Ludlow Food & Drink Festival

The festival celebrates quality food and drink and encourages visitors
to buy local food that tastes and looks good. At the heart of the festivals being is a passion for local food and wine producers which underpins every event that takes place during the festival weekend.
Festival organisers and volunteers work hard each year to bring new producers and fresh produce to this highly successful event. In fact the first day often proves
so popular that producers work through the night
in preparation for an even busier next day.
A particular favourite is the famous Sausage Trail, with local butchers rising to the challenge and bringing along the best new sausages
of the year. Visitors can then sample and vote for their favourite. Whilst
the atmospheric Ludlow Castle is the setting where visitors can sample most of the foodie delights, there is also an Ale Trail that gets visitors
out and about around Ludlow making the whole town seemingly a part
of the festivities.
Visitors can sample old favourites like local beers and sausages
as well as more ‘high end’ produce. But the event is not just for affluent gourmets, whatever your budget or taste, there is something to please every pocket…and stomach!

Mitchelstown Food Festival

The Mitchelstown Food Festival has been run successfully and has gone from strength to strength
over the past six years. Mitchelstown, which
is affectionately and traditionally known as ‘the home
of good food’ is set at the foothills of the Galtee Mountains, in the beautiful countryside of Ireland’s Blackwater Valley. With its reputation for good food and great festivals, it is the perfect setting for a food festival. The rich resources from the surrounding farmland has made the festival a celebration of authentic and locally produced food.

This year’s festival will be bigger and better than ever and will focus
on the promotion of Irish Pork as the main theme. For generations, Mitchelstown has been synonymous with the production of high quality pork products and this will be highlighted and promoted.

This action packed weekend will include the following main activities:

Workshop: Irish Pork from Farm to Fork
This workshop is open to anybody with an interest in food and will include talks from a local pig farmer, artisan pork & bacon product producers, butchery demonstration from a local butcher and cookery demonstration using pork by a local chef.

The Mitchelstown Lions Club will hold their annual family fun day
in conjunction with the Mitchelstown Food Festival in the Square
in Mitchelstown with fun and games for all the family. This will be followed in the evening by a large scale open air Bringing Home the Bacon BBQ
on Lower Cork Street with live music and entertainment for all the family.

A large Food Producer’s Market showcasing local and national food products will be held at a 20,000 sq ft indoor premises at the Coolnanave Business Park on the main Dublin road (across from the Firgrove Hotel). There will be a dedicated area for Pork & Bacon food producers. This
is an excellent venue in which to exhibit as proved by the success
of the 2008 festival.

Cereal Festival and World's Longest Breakfast Table

Battle Creek's (USA, Michigan) annual breakfast, served at 159 picnic tables strung out along Michigan Avenue in the middle of the downtown business district, is a long-standing tradition, dating back 53 years. This year also marks the 150th anniversary of the incorporation of the town of Battle Creek.
Although the festival has declined in activities and attendance over the past few years, the focus isn't on attracting large numbers to break the world's record, but on bringing people together as a community. "This annual gathering is a unique opportunity for the entire town to sit down at the same table and share a meal together," reminds Battle Creek's Mayor Mark Behnke.
Business owner Bill Morris, likens the event to a family reunion, "The world's longest breakfast table is Battle Creek's annual family reunion, where people who haven't seen each other since last year's cereal festival are able to reconnect in a relaxed and festive atmosphere."

The Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival, (also known as the Moon Festival, Zhongqiu Festival), is a popular harvest festival celebrated by Chinese people
and Vietnamese people (even though they celebrate it differently), dating back over 3,000 years to moon worship in China's Shang Dynasty.
It was first called Zhongqiu Jie (literally "Mid-Autumn Festival")
in the Zhou Dynasty. In Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines,
it is also sometimes referred to as the Lantern Festival or Mooncake Festival.
The Mid-Autumn Festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month
in the Chinese calendar, which is usually around late September or early October in the Gregorian calendar. It is a date that parallels the autumnal equinox of the solar calendar, when the moon is supposedly at its fullest and roundest. The traditional food of this festival is the mooncake,
of which there are many different varieties.
Farmers celebrate the end of the summer harvesting season on this date. Traditionally on this day, Chinese family members and friends will gather to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon, and eat moon cakes
and pomelos together. Accompanying the celebration, there are additional cultural or regional customs, such as:
Eating mooncakes outside under the moon, putting pomelo rinds on one's head, carrying brightly lit lanterns, lighting lanterns on towers, floating sky lanterns, burning incense in reverence to deities including Chang'e, planting Mid-Autumn trees, collecting dandelion leaves and distributing them evenly among family members, fire Dragon Dances.
In Taiwan, since the 1980s, barbecuing meat outdoors has become
a widespread way to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Homowo Festival

Homowo (which means make a fun of hunger) in Ghana African people have always had at the time of the harvest. In Ghana the Yam Festival (Homowo) lasts three days. The festival begins with a cleansing ceremony to honor family members who have died. Farmers give thanks to the gods who ensure a good harvest. Twins and triplets are honored during this time as a special gift from God.
Yams are an important crop in Ghana. During Homowo, they are taken from the ground and are carried to the village. Then they are blessed
by the chief. Special foods made from yams are served. Mashed yams with hard boiled eggs are an important part of the festival. People also eat Kpekpele which is made from corn meal and palm oil. During Homowo people wear a kind of toga made from kente cloth which is brightly colored. The festival ends with a big feast. People dance and sing to the sounds
of drums. feast. People dance and sing to the sounds of drums.


  1. Do you find them interesting? And maybe you know some more orginal food festivals? I'm waiting for comments:-)

  2. In my opinion the most interesting is The Mid-Autumn Festival. I don't like only eating festivals, like Ludlow Festival. I prefere something more and all this Chinese lanterns and traditional celebrations are beutiful.

  3. I think it is good to promote local food and dishes. These days people prefer to eat fast food what is not good for traditional meals. Such festivals which can remind people of their culture are very nice ideas. Food plays a huge role in our lives and we shouldn't forget about it.

  4. For me food festivals curious way to present regional eating traditoins. You can discover a lot of new meals, which you never will find by your own. I am interested in the longest breakfest. Thousand of people siting next to the wooden, long, table and eating all day. What about other food festival? I know one. Octoberfest - During a few days you drink beer and eat fat sausages:)

  5. I find food festivals interesting. I know one very well-it's Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables Festival, which is celebrated in my town-Skierniewice every third weekend of September. People can taste local ecological food, go to the concerts, buy some souvenirs and spend a good time with friends and family:)

  6. I agree, that food festivals are good occasion to promote local meals - and not only. Meals, way of preparing and eating them says a lot about many various cultures. And, like Homowo Festival, they can be real holiday, which gives all people many joy. Taking part in such an event could be wonderful experience :)

  7. In my opinion the food festivals are good ocassion to meet local community becouse neighbours have to preper the meals cammon. In this time they get to know each other better. In the secand side food is the best form representant of region. Always food connect people.

  8. In my opinion the most interesting food festival is The Mid-Autumn Festival. It' s connected with Chinese tradition and customs. What's more it's well-known in the whole asian region what confirms that this culture and its festivals are much more celebrated than we do with our culture in Europe. I think that is very original to bake a moon cake. Although in Poland farmers also celebrate the end of the summer harvesting season we don't organise such events on a big scale.
    Unfortunatelly I don't know any more interesting festivals, but I think that chocolate festival would be delicious. :)

  9. Festival of hunger - sounds strange!! But there is sth connected with Africa in it - for those people hunger is sth very common.
    Most of these festivals are the parties for all family - it's great to spend all day eating exotic dishes or tasting wine and beer - especially for adults, not for children.

  10. Like most people here I also find the Mid-Autumn Festival the most interesting one.
    I totally agree that a food festival is a good way to promote local food and cuisine as well as an occasion for community meeting. It would be great if such festivals encouraged more people to by local products rather than going to the markets and buying imported ones that can be substituted. It would be better both for local economy and environment.

  11. Food festivals are really fun way to promote not only the local quisine, but the culture in general.

    I, personally, know a great festival called "Truskawkobranie" which is held in early July in Złota Góra, about 30 km west from Gdańsk. As you probably guessed, you can taste a wide range of dishes made from strawberries. Futhermore, you can watch a nice piece of Kashubian folklore which includes jewelry, clothes, dancing and music. I'm glad that I live nearby, beacause strawberries are my favourite fruits :)

  12. I very like eating, but I think that this kind of festival isn't good. Contestant must eat very quikly, and it is very bad. Eating should be slow and celebrity.

  13. I agree that those forms of promoting tradicional cuisine are very interesting. But I would like to say, that in Poland we also have something worth of attention in this area. For exapmple a mounth ago in the cinema where I'm working was Food Fest- the first display of films about culture of eating around the world and tradicional customs of different cuisines. After the movies people was regaled delicacies from many regions of the world. It was really unusual experience.

  14. There is nothing wrong in promotion local food in that way, but almost always in that kind of festivals we could listen to folk music which is horrible. Old ladies who don't know anything about singing do it as loud as they can. So food is ok, but the background is killjoy.

  15. For me the most intresting is The mid-autumn festival,obviously the central point of them is food but there is also a place for some entertaiments and traditions. I agree that food festivals are excelent ocasion to promotion of local producted food and dishes but it could be also use to show local customs and traditions.

  16. I don't think that festivals is something cool..i agree that it's really good to promote original food...but i'm not sure it is the right promote....and this competition, eating on a time is unhealthy...

  17. This festival remebered a litlle for me harvest festival in Poland. In this time we are go to Church thanks to God for a good crop. We usually go on a mass with bunch made by us from herbs and grains.

  18. I think that food festivals are good possiblity to remember to people that eating is social activity, occasion to meet, spend time together and talk.
    In Poland there are many food festivals like f.ex. Bread Festival.

  19. I'm not a fan of festivals connecting with food, but I think it's a good way for promotion of local cuisine and people can show more than food - maybe traditional dances or jewellery. But organizers should care about interesting way for making such festival.

  20. Food festivals are great possibility for local farmers and food producers to show their products. They can meet people from other cities and even countries who for example would like to make business with them and import their food. In Poland there are more and more food festivals every year and I'm very glad about that. In my region there are for example strawberry holiday in Bieliny or plum holiday in Szydłów. In my city Kielce every year there is a Holy Cross Fair where you can buy local food. Personally I love such events.

  21. i think that The Mid Autumn Festival is the most interesting of this. In only sitting and eating it's nothing special, it' boring, but this chinese festival is something more. It's an old tradition and can tell us something about chinese culture.

  22. I'm so hungry right now! Maybe you know if there is some food festival in Poland soon? Especially near Warsaw.

    Back to the topic. I think that someone who "invented" food festivals (whoever he was) was a genius! It's very interesting and amusing idea. I never was at this kind of event but I would love to meet people, learn about their culture and tradition during making my stomach happy :).

  23. I don't think that idea of Food festival is good.It shows our thinking,and this what is important for us,it is eating.Why are we interested of simply issue,only,and don't organize,or organize rarely e.g festival of books or poems?
    With all of this festivals the most interesting for me is Homowo Festival because I see with this the most spirit.

  24. We celebrate festival of roast potato in my place. We roast potatoes, dansing, smailing and have great fun always in September.

  25. Food festival is a perfect time to show tradition of some part of country. It is also good time for promotion. Local farmers and food producers could show their products. I would like work as a person who visit this festival and write about this and cuison showed there.

  26. I prefer festivals conected with mind and soul. But food festivals? Nowadays we may find many ocasions to create a couple of them, so for me they aren't anything special. It isn't also a good idea to promote them, when the society has such problems with obesity.

  27. I think that the idea of food festivals is really great!
    These festivals seem to be something interesting and even extraordinary.
    First of all,it's the best way to promote local,traditional food which is fresh and tasty.
    Food festiwals are really popular everywhere in the world and this trend has many fans.
    Moreover,that's great occasion to meet other people and find out something about different food habits.

  28. I believe that all above-mentioned festivals are fantastic. I can also confirm, that Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables Festival in Skierniewice is really funny. I live quite close, in Łowicz, so as a child, I often visited it with my family. I participated also in "Truskawkobranie" 2 years ago. Strawberries tasted very delicious :). (What can't be said about music of band called "Feel", which was played that day).

  29. In my opinion the most ineteresting is Mid-Autum Festival, because this isn't only food festival, lanterns, planting trees, fire Dragon Dances it sounds magic and picturesque. I don't like food festivals, it latch on to cometitions, who will fastest eat something. Ludlow Food & Drink Festival, Mitchelstown Food Festival, I think, it's not for me.

  30. In my opinion the most interesting is also "The Mid-Autumn Festival". Because I was always interested in culture and customs of China, their food, dragons, music and religion. When I decide to go for a food festival I also would like to know better the culture and tradition of this country. I think that "The Mid- Autumn Festival" is that kind of festival which tells you more about the culture and custom.
    I don't hear about that kind of festival in Poland - and i think that I probably won't go for that because I hate polish food. But also I think that it is really interesting idea of food festivals.

  31. I like the Cereal Festival in Battle Creek. I think it's a interresting idea create the world's longest breakfast table. It also has it's social aim - people are gathering together, they can talk, laugh. And of course - eat some good food. And it's also an original way to commemorate the incorporation of the town.

  32. Food festival is a very good idea. It's curious for foreigners. We can get to know something new about other cultures.

  33. I was one time in festival local and traditionaly polish food in Warsow for people from abroad and Polish people. It was fantasic because I known about many dishes and delicacies from my country which turned out very taste.

  34. Nice blog, almost like readings in book. There are history, tradition, culture facts - everything that can interest someone who is world curious. To my mind such events are exellent opportiunity to promote small cities or even villages. They expose the most intersting aspects of region. Whot is more in that way citizens have ability to develop closer relationships ot can improve their lifes and mood

  35. I think that festivals are good idea to knew the local food.It shows us wht kind of meals are people eating,what traditions they have...

    "The traditional food of this festival is the mooncake" ...I must say that it looks so inviting :D mmmm... :)

  36. Great idea, best to promote the regions, becouse there are many enthusiasts of the cooking. I notice, that it's on the fresh air, so places of festivals it's much more healthy than in the hall as it's usually. In Polan do we have such festivals. I unfortunetly don't know...

  37. If you want to see some Polish festivals you should go to Sierpce skansen. In spring they organise few events like music concerts with tasting delicious traditional meals. You can also visit places where the action of "Pan Tadeusz" and "Ogniem i mieczem" was set!

  38. I have always been interested in new food and I think the festivals of this kind are a great idea. It is a possibility to try something new, learn new tastes and learn how to prepare such unusual dishes.Foreign food looks more interesting than our cuisine.

  39. In my opinion food festivals are very good ocasion to meet interesting people. Willingly I would take part in this festival. Good music, delicious food, nice people - these are thing which I like. I do not why, but the most interesting is for my is Cereal Festival and World's Longest Breakfast Table. Meaby this long table and these people sitting beside him are for me so amazing?

  40. I agree with most of you that food festivals are perfect way to promote regions, peoples and also whole countries. Unfortunately, in Poland there is no any big famous festivals.

  41. The most inte resting for me is The Mid-Autumn Festival becouse is something which I never heard about but generally I think food festivals is a great idea. And it's not just about promotion of locals or food but this is a good oportunity to spend time with family. I like the idea of family fun day on Mitchelstown Food Festival, all family can spend day on the fresh air, eating healthy food and playing family games. Also Cereal Festival seems to be a nice family festival, it shows that eating healthy food can be more pleasing than spending time in fast foods.

  42. In Poland, are also culinary festivals. One of the most famous is the fair of St. Dominic in Gdansk. It is the international event, which has been held for 750 years. I think that such events are very interesting. You can learn about the culture of various regions and new flavors. :)

  43. I like that type of festivals. Thanks to them we can know a part of the culture of the place, region. I think the most interesting is Homowo Festival ;]

  44. I think that food festivals are very interesting and delicious things;) Many companys who freshly developing have a chance present their products. Beyond people can tasted new products, not byiung them.

  45. It's a very interesting presentation. I love food - different kitchens. During these activities, we can know various new products and we can meet new people. Maybe someday I'll have a chance to be there on holiday. In Poland we have also some of this kind od festivals. For example Street Food Festival, where I was in 2013. It was a vey interesting experience. I recommend it with all my heart.

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  47. Food Festival is very interesting event. We can know the dishes, the existence of which we had no idea. During such event, we have possibility to purchase the best quality products from local retailers. On the occasion of this event, people can get to know better and to learn about customs of other societies. Cereal Festival and World's Longest Breakfast Table is amazing festival for me, because people can meet with family, friends in one place and eat together.

  48. The food festivals are the best, because we can try something new, we can meet something new. We can promote our regional products. Based on regional festivals with food in the main role, we can develop tourism. In this event we can meet our or different culture and have a lot of fun. And we can earn a lot of money. :-)

  49. Food festivals are the greatest occasion to know the culture, food and local tastes. It's not only regional fete, it's often almost national day. In my opinion we should show our cousine the whole world. Others will finally have the opportunity to love it!

  50. In my opinion food festivals are great idea for everyone. You can just try some different food, from other countries, without traveling and spending a lot of money on journey or hotels. It's cheap alternative for people who likes to taste new cuisines. Recently I attended a pizza festival and I find it really interesting, because I could try so many different types of it from so many different countries.

  51. I think that food festivals my be a great opportunity to learn more about local culture. Different tastes, especially when they're unreachable in other countries (because of the lack of ingridients) can really stay in Your memory. Also, when it comes to theme festivals (such as beer festival in Germany) we have an opportunity to travel all around the world without the need to travel.